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10 best places to sell your laptop online for extra cash

Several of us try to convert the equipment we no longer require into money at the close of every year. You might be clearing out cabinets or cupboards where you’ve stuffed obsolete electronics. A slew of new laptops with additional functions hit the marketplace each year. 

As a result, the urge to update is tremendous. Maybe you recently purchased a Surface Studio or MacBook Pro and required a few additional funds to cover the cost of your latest laptop. Selling your previous laptop or changing your laptop can be very costly, so make the best decision by trading your older laptop at its true worth.

Whenever your laptop becomes obsolete, and you want to trade it, it can be tough to go to every store or seek strangers for an estimate of the worth of your laptop. It is considerably simpler to sell second-hand electronics nowadays than in the past. To publish a new eBay posting, you used to have to pick a lot of choices. Posting an object for sale or receiving a price now takes just a few moments, and there are far more alternatives than ever before.

Before selling your laptop, there are a few things to check. 

Examine the display: If you prefer to use it in your restroom or kitchen, it may have imperfections from damp damages, and it might have dead pixels and slight discoloration as well. Wipe down the display and inspect it for scratches and even tiny cracks which might have gone unnoticed due to the dusty protective covering.

Check all the ports and connections: To check USB ports and video adapters, use an output source. Also, make sure your WiFi and Bluetooth connections are working.

Check for a malfunctioning hard disc: To test your hard drive, use CrystalDiskInfo Portable, available for Windows. If you notice a strange sound coming from the hard drive port on an older laptop, your hard drive has probably failed.

Check the battery capacity and charger: Ensure the charging cable stays connected if you shift the laptop about.

Condition: When reselling a laptop online, transparency is essential to save both time & expense. If you don’t say anything negative about your laptop’s state and then sell it on eBay, you should expect to get it returned and pay for both shipping and handling.

Add the charger: Don’t forget to add the charger so that the following user uses the laptop you’re selling.

Erase the hard drive: Do a complete system restore before shipping it to avoid passing your personal information to the subsequent purchaser.

10 best places to sell your old laptop online for extra cash

Facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace was introduced in October 2016 due to the sale and purchase that occurs in Facebook Groups. As per Facebook, over 450 million individuals join organizations on social media to purchase and trade items each month.

Marketplace’s goal is to facilitate trade amongst people in the same neighborhood regions while reducing some of the risks associated with Craigslist websites. After all, if one could view a seller’s or purchaser’s Facebook page, you’re more inclined to want to do business with them. Transactions are paid via Facebook or any other means agreed upon by the sellers and purchasers.


For years, eBay seems to have been a famous location to sell used technology, thanks to its 165 million influential users, according to Statista. eBay has made it much simpler to identify things for sale in current times. Begin by looking for your product, and eBay will suggest an auction type depending on prior transactions. In certain situations, if you follow the site’s advice, you’ll get a guaranteed price.

But, there is a load of technical language regarding eBay’s price guarantee for computers, mobile phones, and other electronics. You must also submit images, write captions, and choose delivery choices when listing products for sale. If you specify the item weight and size, eBay can determine shipping charges for you, or you can insert your preferred charges. 


Amazon makes it simple to trade your belongings. You might find the phrase “Have one to sell?” including a “Sell on Amazon” option on a sales webpage for a product you would like to offer. You may select that icon and then publish your goods with just a couple of extra steps. Amazon’s auto-return policy was expanded to third-party merchants in early November. Requests for returns made during Amazon’s specified refund window are instantly approved. In principle, this cuts down on the timeframe it takes for merchants to handle returns, but it also implies they can’t simply refuse refunds or levy restocking costs if an item is sent defective. In such cases, vendors should turn to Amazon for help.


You don’t have to fear your data falling into the wrong hands when you sell your laptop to Sellbroke. As a component of their services, they erase your data on a lifelong basis for free. They will evaluate the equipment and pay you the stated fee if it operates as predicted and you are honest about the state. You won’t have to look far to find out how much your laptop is worth. Their prices are revised as often as necessary to match the current greatest actual worth of the laptop.


Gazelle does a lot of the job for you when selling old phones, tablets, and Macs. You notify the website what you’re selling, it offers you a value, and afterward, you deliver it for free to Gazelle. You’ll even get a carton from the website. It accepts PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and checks as payment methods.

Gazelle started offering self-service terminals this season, in which you can leave stuff for fast money. However, the cost is a little less than what you’d get elsewhere.


OfferUp, an internet business, and an application that acquired money from PayPal cofounder Max Levchin are options. OfferUp has various items, including collectibles, automotive parts, vehicles and trucks, and laptops. Its postings are generally auction-style or fixed-price, focusing on localized trades. There are no charges to purchase or trade on OfferUp right now.

Both purchasers and sellers create accounts. Users’ backgrounds are then verified using a state-issued Identification and a Facebook profile supplied by OfferUp. Customers can also use the OfferUp application to pay for things in specific auctions.


NextWorth provides instant estimates for a wide range of different digital and internet products, such as video gaming consoles, portable loudspeakers, camcorders, and Fitbit and Samsung watches. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba laptops, and Mac laptops are all available for sale. The service accepts PayPal or checks as payment, and it also covers the cost of delivery. However, in some cases, the offers are modest.


If you’re looking to sell a used smartphone, Swappa is a good place to start. Sellers do not incur any charges, but they must cover all relevant PayPal fees if a gadget sells. Swappa uses PayPal for all of its transactions. In addition, sellers must include delivery expenses in their list price.

Swappa makes it simple to submit a new posting. You start by writing a title and explanation, then address a couple of inquiries, pick a price depending on Swappa’s suggestions or your own—and upload a couple of images. Swappa then displays a bar chart of your device’s pricing swings over time, useful when determining a reasonable price.


Close5 is a site and smartphone application identical to Facebook Marketplace that allows individuals in the local neighborhood or city to sell products. It’s simple to post updated listings with the application. All you have to do is capture one or more images, provide a short description, and pick a rate.

Close5 is owned by eBay and takes no commission from buyers or sellers. Customers and sellers connect via the application before meeting physically to finalize deals.


Craigslist has a lot of advantages for both shoppers and sellers. For example, it’s free to join, and the website has a significant prospective market based on the scale of the neighborhood area. However, when starting up, review Craigslist’s “avoiding scams” section and be vigilant about the sorts of money you receive.


Letgo, an internet platform and application with a Pinterest-like UI, is an option for regional transactions. Letgo distinguishes itself from competitors such as OfferUp, Close5, and more by allowing you to make “Hollywood-style advertising” for your things. Presently, there are no buying and selling charges charged by the firm.

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