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10 Best Root Android Applications That You Can Download for Free

Do you want to root your Android phone? If so, we have prepared the best root Android applications for you to use. Everything is easy and free!

Android smartphone is indeed a gadget that you can tamper with at will. Including trying the best Android root apps yourself.

Besides being able to install various standard applications on the Play Store, you can also root your favorite Android phone to install other applications more freely.

Best Root Android Applications

Through this article, these are the list of the best 2021 Android root applications that you can try. However, think carefully before doing it because rooting Android has its own risks.

Best Root Android Applications

1. KingoRoot

For those of you who want to root Android, then you can also use KingoRoot. This best Android root application is new, but its capabilities are not inferior to its predecessors.

Having an almost slanted name with KingRoot is a root application for PC. However, this application also supports when used on Android. So, there are various models of HP that use it as root because of its quality and attractiveness.

2. SuperSU

Want to improve your HP performance? Then you can use SuperSU. As the name suggests this application offers complete or normal rooting features. Of course, with this option you can more freely choose as you wish. So, if you want your Android phone to perform faster, you can try using this application.

3. Root Checker

You buy a used cellphone? Then you can check using the Root Checker application. This application has many interesting features starting from the history page and many languages.

So, it is recommended for those of you who want to check whether the rooting process has been successful or not. If you intend to try this application yourself, you can download it at the link below, gang!

4. Framaroot

The root application called Framaroot is a popular application that is often used for rooting Android phones.

This root application without a PC is very practical for you to use because you can directly root from the smartphone you are using.

You can’t download Framaroot through the Play Store, so if you want to use the best Android root application on this one, you just click the link below.

5. Towelroot

The next best Android root application is Towelroot. This application is perfect for those of you who are crazy about the world of rooting.

The reason is, this application is able to root many types of Android smartphones and tablets and how to use it is also quite easy.

Just like other root apps, with just one click, you can already taste the taste of rooting. 

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6. KingRoot

The best Android root app that you can try again is KingRoot. This mobile root application can be used for Android OS 4.22 – 5.1.

Not all Android smartphones can be rooted using KingRoot. Before using this application, first make sure that your smartphone is compatible.

Rooting Android with the KingRoot application, will allow you to have a variety of features to optimize your favorite Android smartphone.

7. Zenfone RootKit

Zenfone RootKit is a special root application for ASUS Zenfone smartphones that is easy for you to try.

By using this application, you will try a new way to root ASUS Zenfone for all types very easily.

You can download this cellphone root APK right away, so that your ASUS smartphone is even more free to use to play various games.

8. Root Genius

The Root Genius application is the best root application that is suitable for you to try if you want your smartphone to be even more free to do various things.

Just imagine, this application supports more than 10 thousand Android devices in the world and can also be used via a PC or directly via an Android smartphone.

Even though it is a good application, be careful when using this application because the developer also reminds that rooting is not a process that can be done carelessly.

9. Key Root Master

If you are not fluent in a foreign language, especially English, you can download Key Root Master which already has an Indonesian version.

10. iRoot

The next rooting application for Android is iRoot. Maybe at first glance you will feel that this application is for an iPhone, but don’t worry, this application is specifically for Android.

Using this application will make it easier for you to root, because many have provided reviews of how good the iRoot application is.

Just download the iRoot application via the link that Jaka has provided, gang, and be careful when using it.

Final Thought

Well, that’s the list of the best and most advanced Android root applications that you must try.

Remember, in the rooting process you still must be vigilant and careful, because one little bit can cause fatal effects for your Android smartphone.

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