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3 Ways to Turn Your Living Room into a Smart Room

We spend a lot of our relaxation time in the living room, so creating a room that promotes this relaxation by allowing us to control it and the electronics in it with our smartphone or even our voice is almost essential. Here are a few ways you can turn your living room into a smart room without much effort.


Smart Lighting is a Must

Smart lighting is the cornerstone of the smart home and particularly in the living room where you spend time relaxing, reading, watching television and many other activities, smart lighting is a must.

Smart lighting offers much more than just the rainbow color effects that you associate it with. It can be designed to offer so many different functions. When paired with motion sensors, for example, it can turn lighting on and off in an area as you walk into it, or it can be set to turn on and off on a timer, or slowly dim over time as you drift off to sleep. You might want to create a scene for when you’re watching television that dims the lights and changes them to a specific color – all this is possible with smart lighting and can be achieved simply by buying one of the many smart home starter kits that you will need to accomplish it.

Keeping It Clean

Vacuuming and mopping your living room is something that you just don’t have to do anymore. With the evolution of robot vacuum cleaners, and what they’re capable of these days, there’s no excuse to waste time with a manual vacuum cleaner. These devices have become very much set-and-forget and can be controlled by either by the push of a button or by a schedule. Some of them will even mop a tiled floor and empty themselves at their docking station. A robot vacuum scheduled to clean up while you’re out at work or sleeping is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself.

Bring It All Together

Using your smart lighting hub or smart speaker and expanding on what it can do can make the room respond as a cohesive room rather than just controlling a specific thing. We call these macros, and they’re used to set the scene of the entire room at once. Using an app like ITTT (If This Then That), you can create complex scenes that control all sorts of aspects of the room and the smart devices in it. A single voice command to your smart speaker, for example, could close your curtains, turn on the TV to your favorite streaming service, and dim and change the light color. This is where a smart home truly comes to life.

You could, of course, stick to the way we’ve been doing things for decades, or you could look towards a smarter, more integrated experience in your living room by taking advantage of the Internet of Things and what it can offer us to make our lives just a little bit easier every day.

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