5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your Phone Could Do

Mobile phones truly are the innovation of the century – it is very unlikely that any other invention is going to have the same effect on the average person as phones. Moreover, there are still a ton of unexplored functions that phones have that most people are wholly unaware of.

On top of just being an interesting subject, learning how to get more out of your phone can actually be pretty beneficial, and you may come to find yourself using one or more of the functions we are going to share with you for the foreseeable future. Here are five things you probably didn’t know your phone could do.

Night Mode

Out of all of the features on this list, night mode is perhaps the one that is going to be the most useful to the highest number of people. Night mode simply reduces the blue light that is emitted from phones, and this does wonders for reducing eye strain and improving sleep quality.

Learning how to turn night mode on is incredibly simple. On most devices, night mode will just be an easy-to-access option in the settings, and you are likely going to be able to figure out how it works all on your own.

There are also nifty little additions to night mode like the ability to set a timeframe for it to automatically turn on/off – something which can be incredibly useful. Night mode is a must if you find yourself struggling to get to sleep after a long day of using electronics, and if you choose to use it, you may just find that your quality of life increases rather substantially. 

Text To Speech 

Text-to-speech can be a great tool for anyone who struggles to read writing due to some form of disability or bad eyesight, and for some people, it is going to be a gamechanger.

This is so much the case that there are those out there that are actually unable to use a phone without text-to-speech functionality – this should give you a good idea of just how useful it can be.

If you find yourself struggling to read small text on your phone or have general difficulties with reading, text-to-speech is going to be your best friend, and there are few utensils on smartphones that are as handy as this. 

Screen Record Slots Or Any Other Game

The screen record function on phones can be used for a seemingly endless number of applications. From being able to capture a funny clip that you just do not want to lose to sending your friend a funny glitch that is occurring on your phone, screen recording is useful all over the board, and learning to master this function is going to be incredibly beneficial. 

You can even learn how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone with the right amount of effort – the utility of screen recording knows no bounds. If you do not know how to screen record, we would urge you to go out and learn straight away. It is going to come in handy at some point or other. 

Check Health Parameters 

On a more serious note, many smartphones actually have the ability to monitor certain health parameters like heart rate or lung capacity, and this can be a potentially life saving tool for some. 

While functionality differs from smartphone to smartphone, most phones will have some sort of health program that will allow you to take note of various health parameters. This can be useful to both the average citizen and athletes alike. 

Keyboard Shortcuts 

When it comes to pure utility, there is no better tool that keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can allow you to send certain messages at the touch of a button, open multiple apps all at once, as well as a plethora of other functions, and they are going to save you a ton of time and effort if you happen to repeat certain actions quite frequently. 

A simple Google search of how to create custom shortcuts is going to tell you everything you know about keyboard shortcuts – it will not take you long to learn the entire process.

Making use of keyboard shortcuts is going to cut your overall screen time down dramatically, and on top of just being a great time saver, you may just come to find yourself enjoying the experience of using a phone much more once you begin using them.

We hope this article will be of use to you. Each of the five functions we shared with you have extraordinary potential, and if you choose to utilise them to the fullest extent, you will get much more out of your phone than ever before. Have fun.

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