7 Smartphones you won’t believe are Real

Ten years ago Samsung released a trailer of a concept folding smartphone that was completely CGI.  It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie like there was no way on earth that it was actually going to happen and yet I’m sitting here right now holding a smartphone but even better and so it’s got me thinking.

What’s next? So I’ve scoured the web poring through company documents research and patents that they filed to bring you the seven coolest future smartphones that we know companies are working on behind the scenes.


Foldable Smartphone 

You’ve all seen foldable phones right now they’re all kind of the same from the outside but what about five years down. Oppo thinks that they have the answer with the slide phone. It’s still foldable but instead of being split into two sections, this thing is split into eight. The screen is flexible; you can fold it along any one of those sections. You can tell oppo’s put a lot of thought into this.

They’ve even turned their rough patents into an actual trailer and you can see in that trailer how it’s barely larger than a credit card when completely folded, how if you unfold say two sections you can see a display. If you unfold it some more it makes the cameras face the front so you can take selfies and then when it’s completely unfolded it is wide enough to be able to do three separate tasks at once. 

I do have concerns like the fact that yes displays are flexible but batteries aren’t. Are you gonna split the battery into eight separate miniature segments I do rate oppo for the outer box thinking and I do think there’s a reasonable chance that something like this does come to market in a few years? 

Screen Curvature SmartPhone

Now another company that’s almost famous for their outer box thinking and over the last 10 years. One of the key focus areas has been screen curvature their flagship phones were originally completely flat they then made them curved they then made them super curved with their waterfall display technology. I’ve now found out that they’re also testing the idea of an all-around 270-degree curve paired.

An inner screen selfie camera to make the entire panel uninterrupted it’s called the arc display and while I do get the concern of accidental screen touches on these sides. If the company figures out how to eliminate them with intelligent software.

I think the concept has enormous potential with the right quality of vibration motor. You can make digital buttons simulate the feeling of physical buttons and the benefit of them being digital is that they can change based on the app. You could have media and volume controls while you’re watching videos. You could have shoulder buttons while you’re playing games you can have your notifications while the phone is on standby the only slight killjoy. Here is the fact that this whole arc display thing is always patient and because the US ban has made it almost impossible for this company to do anything we have to wait for someone else to buy the patent before we can see anything come of it

Transparent SmartPhone

It gets crazier because behind closed doors Samsung is working on a transparent phone I mean companies have been trying to figure out this concept for no joke decades at this point. But just a couple of years ago Samsung filed for a patent that not just described what their transparent phone would look like but also how it would work they documented how they would use the transparent luminous panel that would have pixels just as bright as their normal screens but ones that go invisible when they’re off and bear in mind companies have now developed. 

Practically transparent batteries and transparent cabling would be able to create a completely see-through. In the middle section of the phone, the point is this completely wild idea is actually plausible now. I don’t think we’ll ever see one on store shelves for the simple fact that transparency is a gimmick it doesn’t have any benefit apart from looking cool and gimmicks don’t sell phones because smartphones are such expensive items.

World Thinnest Smartphone

Samsung asked not me so how do you top that then well it’s time to turn to viva over the last decade this company has kind of built a reputation for just going to the absolute extreme. They made the world’s thinnest smartphone the world’s first full-screen smartphone and the world’s most the stabilized camera on smartphones.

Drone Camera SmartPhone

Now if we look at their parents. They’re playing with the idea of a drone camera smartphone that allows me to the drone. You’d have your phone and then with the press of a button the phone will eject a tray from which a tiny little drone launches and that drone is your camera it could follow you around and capture everything that you see could whip around in front of you and take a shot of you and everyone else. You’re with you can see why this idea has sent people into a bit of a frenzy with over 50 million views on a wordless video that only teases a render of it.

However, it’s a dumb idea and for Vevo’s own sake I kind of hope that they scrap it before it reaches production mainly because it’s trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. All you need to do to take a photo right now is to hold your arm out and click a button but introducing a drone into the mix creates like 50 new variables. You’d all of a sudden have to start factoring in a second battery that needs constantly topping up propellers that get stuck in wind direction getting it stuck in a tree the list goes on and you can pretty much replicate the the functionality of this drone by just asking someone else to take the photo. 

3D  Scanning Camera System

But for a future camera system that is not just cool but also useful I found a fascinating project that Huawei is working on just a few months ago Huawei patented a 3d scanning camera system that features a screen in the middle to act as a mirror of sorts and that’s flanked by three cameras that are far enough apart from each other. To create a 3d model of your face and your skin is super weird the company filed a 43-page document for all about how it’ll be able to tell you everything. You’ve applied your sunscreen to whether you’ve removed your makeup properly to even the texture of your skin your pores your spots your wrinkles and how to improve them I’m struggling to imagine queueing up to buy something that’s just going to tell me how ugly I am. 

Foldable iPhone

There is yet another reminder of how capable our phones could be in just a few years all right just before number one then it’s time for a device that has been talked about for years piles of papers and patents and rumors have talked about a foldable iPhone. In the future and turns out we have confirmation that Apple has built two working prototypes internally one book style foldable similar to Samsung’s z-fold series and one clamshell foldable like Samsung z-flip series and what the analysts are saying is that between the two apples prefer the clamshell. 

If we look at apple’s other documentation it shows how they’re considering using sapphire for a crack-resistant display and how they’re planning to make a hinge that doesn’t leave a crease behind when unfolded and as much as this does sound like hearsay. I think if by the end of this year we see that the foldable market has grown yet again Apple will commit to a clamshell foldable iPhone if the demand keeps growing they’ll kind of have to but also that they won’t release it until they can do it. Apple way like they’re never going to be the first company to release new experimental tech just because it’s cool when Apple sells a phone they need to make absolutely sure that it’s ready for the mass market.

Samsung’s Tetris Smartphone

Are you ready for the weirdest mobile you’ve ever seen in your life this is Samsung’s Tetris phone no prizes for guessing where that name came from? But it’s a surprisingly good idea so basically, one the big screen on the front is just like a normal phone except on the other the hat the screen goes much wider and bends around the back and there’s a lot of companies who’s played with this idea secure and he on the screen on the back of their phones because it can be super useful for notifications or taking photos with your camera but in the past, they’ve either been too low quality to see too small to be able to do anything that useful on or so large that the phone itself.

Becomes impractical to use but this is like the perfect middle ground and because the back display is part of the front display you get the same high-resolution high-quality panels all the way around the screen stops partway down the phone so you still have a place to naturally rest your fingers without touching it and you can even use this bit of screen on the side as an interactive notification bar in Samsung’s patent they did also show the back screen being able to kind of flip out to the front. But to be honest I don’t think you need that if they release this phone as it is right here. 


I have shared 7 Smartphones you won’t believe are Real. If you think this is really worth it so you can comment and if we forgot any smartphones then also comment. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy reading about these mobile phones.

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