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9 reasons why cloud automation testing is important?

Testers are always in search of better ways to automate their test cases. They are always looking for ways to bring down the time taken for testing and find ways to make their testing more efficient.

The biggest advantage of cloud automation testing is its ability to run automated tests in multiple devices and environments at the same time. You can also scale up or down your devices as per your need and the time taken for tests will not be affected by it. You just have to pay according to the number of devices that you want to use at a particular point of time.

You can run automated tests simultaneously on any number of devices, platforms or browsers. You don’t need to worry about setting up all these on your own and there is no need for you to manage all these manually.

Cloud-based automation testing providers offer you with a wide range of test cases along with different levels of expertise and experience that they possess. With this, you can outsource your testing needs without having any worries about your product’s quality.

This will give you enough time in hand to focus on core competencies like feature development so that there is no compromise in the quality of your product or services given by you.

Cloud based automation requires hard work, but it pays off when you get through the initial pain and gain the ability to perform complex tasks at the click of a button. Beyond the obvious benefit of reducing manual work, cloud automation has additional benefits, Some of them are as follows:

There are several benefits that come with cloud automation testing. Some of them are as follows:


The most prominent benefit of cloud based automation testing is the scalability to run automated tests without having to set up each and every device and testing environments manually. You save a lot of time and effort this way and need not compromise on setting up some devices without limiting the scope of automating the tests to a few devices.

Think of the cloud as your testing environment that is scalable and pay-per-use. In a nutshell, you can test on a variety of platforms and multiple combinations for which you only pay for the resources used.

This is the best way to save on your testing costs by selecting from one of the many providers who offer their services out there. If you decide to go with this type of testing, ensure that you know what it offers exactly so that you can make educated decisions about both your software and your budget.

Multiple device/OS combinations:

Testers have access to a wide range of platforms that are available at all times. This is great but it is also somewhat overwhelming as you have to select from a lot of options such as Browser, Operating System, Screen Resolution, etc. It is important to note that not all combinations are readily available in one provider’s suite so they will have to be selected pre-launch or test environments will run on a different platform than those used in production.

To give an example, making sure the application works efficiently with Web technologies such as JavaScript or other related techs like HTML5 or CSS3 requires testing on different browsers and screen sizes.

Cloud is Online:

The cloud is an autonomous system that shares all testing resources alike for every tester and does not impact the speed due to sharing. There is no installation required to use the cloud. You just need to sign in to start testing. Conventional automation testing tools require a lot of effort and time to set this ecosystem for testing. Having to set it up for everyone in the team, outright, requires huge initial investments. The cloud is accessible to all spread across different regions. Testers can perform tests on the cloud within minutes after signing in with their credentials.

Pay-per-use model:

This is one of the main advantages of using cloud based automation testing over other available options for automating your tests. The pay as you go model gives you unlimited access to automation resources with no upfront costs.

Cloud testing is a great way to get access to a full range of software testing solutions and services without spending large amounts of money. You pay only for what you use, and it’s easy to scale up or down as you need to. More than that, though, it allows you to try out different vendors before you settle on one solution. How would you know which solution will work best for your company if you don’t test them all?

Most cloud testing providers offer free trials so that you can test their systems before paying for them. This allows you to get an idea of how these tools can benefit your company before making a large commitment. When researching cloud testing solutions, make sure that the trial is long enough for your needs and that it gives you access to all of the features that you expect from the tool.

Real time monitoring:

Cloud based automation testing allows you to monitor your automated test execution live in real time. This eliminates the possibility of any risk associated with manual monitoring, which is quite risky in itself.

Integration with CI tool:

Cloud based automation testing can be integrated seamlessly with continuous integration tools like Team Foundation Server, Jenkins, etc., making it easier to perform parallelised test execution on multiple devices and platforms. This also helps in reducing the overall turnaround time by allowing you to automate different mobile app functions simultaneously in parallel.

Cloud testing and Continuous Integration (CI) tools work together. They can help you to make tests more reliable, give you fast feedback, and reduce the cost of manual testing. With cloud testing and CI, you can test your application in an environment that is similar to the live one. As a result, you can avoid the common problems with in-house testing.

You can also use cloud testing to verify that your application is ready to deploy before releasing it. The cloud allows you to create a new instance of your application in less than a minute. You can run as many tests as needed until all the bugs are fixed and all the tests pass. After that, when you are ready to deploy, you just need to click one button and your application will be online for thousands of customers in a matter of minutes.

24/7 Accessibility:

Cloud testing is a boon to the software companies, especially small and medium scale companies. They don’t require any in-house infrastructure or need to hire many testing professionals which costs them a huge amount of money. The very basic idea behind it is that the resources required for conducting software testing are available on demand, whenever needed and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It provides a platform where various tests can be conducted from various locations.

Easy Collaboration:

Cloud testing allows for easy and efficient sharing of common repositories and reusable data sources to allow geographically spread teams to work on a single project at the same time.

Cut down on initial investment:

Cloud testing is a great way to cut down on the initial investment in infrastructure. It allows you to test new applications, new operating systems and other software with only a minimal cost. For example, if you want to test a new operating system or application on your local computer, you might have to invest in new hardware and software. This could be costly and time-consuming, not just buying the new hardware but also applying updates and installing all of the applications on them. Cloud testing means that you can test the software remotely without having to invest financially in any new hardware.

Improved backup processes—

organizations need to back up their system frequently, to guard against accidental erasure, configuration calamity, equipment failure or cyber-attack. Automating backups on the cloud, or backing up on-premise systems automatically to the cloud, dramatically improves an organization’s resilience to disaster.

LambdaTest’s Cloud Based Automation Testing

LambdaTest is a cloud based automation testing platform that allows you to shift left to continuous delivery by fully automating functional, API, regression and performance tests. LambdaTest helps you realize your software quality goals with its fast test execution, and easy collaboration and reporting. LambdaTest, with an emphasis on test case development, is designed for testers, developers and DevOps professionals who want to deliver better software faster.

It  has been designed with the modern cloud based architecture in mind. It leverages the latest advancements in virtualization and cloud computing technologies to provide a rich set of integrated tools and services for building modern applications. The elastic nature of LambdaTest’s cloud architecture allows users to add or reduce capacity as per their needs.

Testers can easily create automated tests for web sites and web apps for browsers and mobile devices. Developers can use Lambdatest to run automated tests against the applications they are developing or in production. DevOps professionals can use LambdaTest’s cloud based test environments to create, execute, collaborate and report on tests continuously.

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