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A major blow to Apple; A fine of ‘so much’ will have to be paid


Brazilian consumer protection agency Procon-SP has slapped a Apple 2 million fine on Apple. Apple will have to pay a hefty fine for not providing a charger with the iPhone 12 box. According to a report, Apple was also questioned in this case last year. Procon-SP has said that Apple’s decision will benefit the environment. But their decision did not prove to be beneficial to the environment.

Apple launched the iPhone 12 last year. The company had said that the new model will not come with a charger, nor will you get earbuds in the box. Apple had said that the main reason behind this is that we want to save the environment from the problem of waste, after the company took such a step, Samsung and other smartphone brands have also decided to remove the charger from the box of smartphones.

Procon-SP agency in its new decision asked Apple, did the company reduce the price of the phone after removing the charger from the box? Apple has not yet commented. How much does an Apple iPhone 12 cost without a charger and with a charger? The company has not yet submitted any information in this regard.

In addition to the charger, Apple also questioned whether the users had updated iOS after which their phones started having problems. Apple didn’t help the users either. Apple should know that Brazil has strict consumer protection regulations. In that case, the company would have to respect them, “said Fernando Capage, executive director of Procon-SP.


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