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A Perfect Work From Home Setup

COVID-19 has brought a revolutionary change in the way businesses work. And the most significant and beneficial change in the Work From Home culture. It is beneficial to both the company and the employees in many ways. 

Companies have been incurring low running costs since the work from home has started. Expenses such as electricity, food and beverage, and other perks are reduced. Multinational companies and big size corporations have saved a hefty amount of money. Google has managed to save a whopping amount of $1 billion dollars because a large number of its workforce is working from home. And such precedent saving also boosts companies total profits. 

On the other hand, those who are working from home are enjoying it as they don’t have to travel to work and back every day. Just like companies are saving their running costs, employees are saving their conveyance expenses. Another benefit that employees are loving is that they don’t need to reach the office at a fixed time, a delay which would have an impact on their final remuneration. 

An expert in Office Furniture Townsville explains the one problem they have experienced with their customers is the lack of an office environment and equipment at home. They note that the majority of customers looking for home office furniture, need it to help productivity and make a clear barrier between work and home life. Additionally, a busy household is another disturbance. It’s not easy to focus when you have family members doing their own thing, unrelated to work.

So, here we are talking about what makes a perfect workspace in your home and how you can have it without much hindrance and expenses. 

The Table

The first thing that you need is an office-like table. You surely do not want to spend too much, and that’s why we suggest that you do not go to an office table. The standard and recommended desk should be of 30-inch height from the ground. The table must be big enough that you can keep your laptop, a mouse pad, and other stationery items on it. Working from home can push you sometimes to sit in bed, and that’s why having a laptop table is a good idea. Laptop tables can be placed on the bed quite easily, and they have specific sections to keep a bottle/glass, phone, and laptop. 

The Chair 

You must be able to have a comfortable sitting while working from home, or otherwise, you will discover major spinal cord issues. Plastic chairs that we use in our homes are not a good choice when you have to work for hours continuously. If you know that you will be working from home for another year, then get yourself in the furniture shop and buy a comfortable office chair. If the WFH time is not certain, you can put a comfy cushion on the chair’s base and the back of the chair. 

A Plant

You might think that this one is not necessary, but it is important if you are working from home. Having a plant around while working can reduce stress. You will encounter that your productivity has increased since you have a plant on your table. You surely don’t want to get sick, and the plant will help you stay healthy. You can place indoor plants in the corners of the room you work in, or you can have a beautiful plant on your table. You can easily buy indoor plants online at affordable prices, and online plant nurseries provide you with more varieties than a local nursery. 


The room or the area of your home that you have decided to pick as your workstation must have proper lighting. Inadequate or dim lighting at the workplace can cause headache, eyestrain, and inner weakness. Apart from the bulbs and light tubes, make sure your workstation also receives a good amount of natural light because it improves productivity. 

The SetUp

Buying the things discussed above is one thing but arranging them together at a perfect place is another. Place the table and chair in a way that you will be facing the wall. It helps you focus more on work. The plant should be placed where it can get the recommended sunlight. You can look for the setup ideas on the internet but do keep the area of your home or the room in mind. 

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