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Advice for Navigating the World of Data Science as a Data Scientist

The influx of digital technologies in the industries has changed the way of their operations. Today’s businesses are driven by data, targeting particular segments and developing products and services accordingly. To help companies unlock their potential with information and analysis, they need experts.

Resultantly, data scientists and associated sectors are in great demand at the current time. To further emphasise this point, leading research has revealed that by 2026, India’s Big Data Industry will be the 32% of the worldwide market with an estimated valuation of $20 billion. Currently, this industry is $6.9 billion.

So, a common question that will occur here is how to become a data scientist? Well, read on to find the answer.

How to Become a Data Scientist?

This is an obvious question. There are many routes through which you can become a data scientist. Most people are also aware of how to prepare themselves to become data scientists. But if you are confused about how to become a data scientist, then allow us to simplify the problem for you by elaborating on some of the popular routes to become one. 

You need to have an analytical mind to get into data science as a course. A zest about number crunching and getting different inferences out of it is one of the primary skills you need to have. The second skill which is compulsory is the ability to code. You need to be comfortable with R or Python. If you develop both these skills, then your data science journey will be very easy.

  • Enrol in a Data Science Course After Class 12

If you are a class 12 student, then you are in luck. You will be able to learn data science easily. Once your class 12 exam finishes, you can utilise the time in hand and enrol yourself for a course in data science.

Additionally, if you are from the science stream, then it is a bonus. It will be even easier for you to get accustomed to the class.

What you need: It is preferable to have science in class 12th. Also, make sure you study Python as a programming language, and if your school teaches SQL in IT, then it is a bonus. Work on your mathematical skills as much as you can with an increased focus on statistics.

  • Enrol in a PG Course After Graduation

If you are from a field apart from science, then you might not be able to directly venture into it. Let’s say you have chosen to graduate in commerce or art, but afterwards, you got interested in data science. Here is how you will make a transition.

Try to enrol on the best data analytics course with placement after you have graduated. At the PG level, you will have the maturity to handle the course dexterously. With placement, you will also gain some experience, and then you could take up a data science job within 2-3 years of relevant experience.

Now that you have an idea of how to become a data scientist, you need to be aware of areas of concern as well to help you become better at your job.

Advice for Navigating the World of Data Science

Here are some tips on managing this field as a professional data scientist –

  • Decide on the Job Role First

The first tip in this regard is to decide the job role. Since there are multiple areas of expertise in data science, one needs to have a clear idea. You can be a data scientist, data engineer or analyst. So, choose and find a course accordingly.

  • Stay Updated With the Recent Technology

In this ever-changing world of data science, new technologies are coming in almost every year. Therefore, you need to be aware of the new stuff and stay updated to deliver the best results.

  • Numbers and Results Speak

A thing about data science is that numbers back everything in this field, and they hardly lie. Hence, you need to be able to find the numbers that will deliver the results for the corporations.

  • Don’t be Afraid of Competition

The field of data science is highly competitive, so you need to be prepared to take up that challenge.

Parting Thoughts

Now that you know how to become a data scientist and the advice to navigate through the field, find a course and start your training. In this regard, you can get in touch with Imarticus Learning. It has Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics and Machine Learning that can help you find the platform you need. 

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