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Apple v/s Android Which is Better?

Apple has just announced the latest features coming to ios google a couple of weeks ago announced the latest features coming to android so we’re just sitting here thinking there’s never been a better time to decide who’s doing it better we’re going to go through the 10 different aspects of the smartphone experience and see who wins more it could be a tie.

Android v/s iPhone Display

The display do you think the iPhone’s display has anything special about it or do you just think it’s like a pretty average android phone screen with a thicker border and a kind of weird-looking notch it’s funny the phone has so many things that are best in class and then weirdly below average like as far as a screen to body ratio. It’s decent but then it has the biggest notch you would ever see if it was an android phone it’s pretty much the only phone in today’s market with a notch exactly.

It’s probably the smoothest 120-hertz display that I use in a phone that’s interesting because of the responsiveness and the touch sample refresh rate so do you put this on the same level as a Samsung screen like the s22 ultra very close.  I think the s22 ultra barely beats it in some things like brightness and sharpness but if you’re just going like is it a great plus screen yes for I have the s22 ultra screen like I’m holding side by side that feels like a different class it is when I’m in a bright scenario like the sun is beaming down on it, this is actually so bright that it feels bright.

Whereas iPhone is like okay it’s visible right there are some edge cases where you notice the difference and speaking of edges a little bit of a curve around the edge you talked about the way it feels that’s something. I kind of prefer the flat of the iPhone, to be honest so I give it a little bit of extra credit there but it’s sharp it’s like your hand is curved on the phone.


Android v/s iPhone Performance

Performance and on paper, it kind of seems like a really easy one because if you just run like geekbench multi-core benchmark the iPhone scores higher and draws less power even if you’re a gamer and you don’t care about those numbers you get games earlier and those games seem to run smoother in your mind is there any nuance to this. At all or is the iPhone just better performance if you’re counting performance as smooth feel frames per second that type of thing and overall power efficiency.

The iPhone is a clear winner in my mind do you think the iPhone even beats out potentially gaming-oriented Android phones well, it depends on the game you play on that platform if the performance is great but you can’t play the game you like is it actually a good performer.

Android v/s iPhone RAM

They do come with a lot more ram like in the top-end iPhone 13 pro max of 6GB of ram Android comes with up to 12. In your experience does that contribute anything to like the multi-tasking experience or does it not matter that 3GB of ram on an iPhone feels like 8GB of ram on an android phone. Sometimes because of the way they just fill up memory and aren’t as efficient.

You can multi-task more on a Samsung phone because of the ram but also just because there are features that let you do more do you find you do that as I know android has split-screen multitasking technically. You do use it I don’t use it either I would consider I like a fairly hardcore user and even then just having the picture in the picture’s about as far as my multitasking goes I gesture back and forth all the time copying and pasting. I know I can multi-window I just never do it.

Android v/s iPhone Battery

Moving on to battery and so this is my experience right iPhone 13 pro max has got the best battery life of all the big phones. iPhone 13 Pro has the best battery life of all the compact phones does that mirror your experience there are two phones right now with 6000 milliamp batteries and if I put the rog phone at 60 hertz it is a better battery technically than the iPhone at 60 hertz. But generally, I found that this is a world-class battery 13 pros also world-class battery mini is in equation two not as great but then you’re comparing it to other phones that are small you’re comparing it. To miniature fans at that point which doesn’t have great batteries anyway so the top of the class as far as the battery for sure. 

There’s another side to the battery which is the charging how much do you think that factors into the battery experience does it matter to you to me. It matters a lot it changes the way I use a phone if it charges quickly and I know I can charge quickly I don’t mind it dying quicker because I know I can plug in for five minutes and be fine. It’s a different type of peace of mind it’s interesting because for me I would much rather my phone doesn’t die in the first place and the iPhone is a phone where I can actually trust that like on the way here is like I took a flight from the UK to us.

Android v/s iPhone Fast Charging

It isn’t fast charging just making up for a lack of capacity in the first place. If I could only pick fast charging and mediocre battery or great battery mediocre charging I would pick a great battery and mediocre charging right but if you don’t have a great battery you better have good charging and a lot of android phones have incredible charging the iPhone can charge decently quickly not like super fast but I still put it as the winner in the category just because the baseline battery life is so good.

Android v/s iPhone Camera

We want to talk about the cameras. We’ll start with photography and then videography can be the next section. I guess a good way of kind of getting to the meter is if you had to pick one phone for the rest of your life to take photos with would it be an iPhone would it is an android. It would be the app to take photos and it’s only because there are a couple of small nuances within that question which is you take photos from the camera app you also, take photos sometimes inside of another app Instagram stories, video shooter, Snapchat whatever you’re doing and all those things typically behave really well on the iPhone now.

If I knew I was going to go to a national park and I was going to take a lot of bird photos believe me I’d take one with more zoom than the iPhone’s got but if you just want to like a blanket everything for the rest of your life you can only take one for photos it still would be the iPhone that actually surprises me because in In my mind I would pick a Vivo a Samsung or a pixel I know they kind of over process photos but in my mind to actually achieve what we think is a natural look you almost need that over-processing and so like if you’ve used Vivo’s x80 pro I don’t know if you have that has this option is called Zeiss natural color and these things are often like just marketing gimmicks.

But when I used it I genuinely thought wow that is what my eyes are seeing for one of the first times ever. Let me throw a couple of extra variables at you for the camera and the shooting experience you know what there’s something I want to take a picture let me just get the photo right now.

In that case, it’d be more of a tie but factoring in the camera experience the whole camera experience goes to the iPhone interesting so for me, the fun side of android cameras is actually a factor I used to love the days when Huawei would unveil a new phone and it always had this crazy cool gimmick like a super long zoom camera or an incredible night.

Android v/s iPhone Software

I think is probably the big one we’ve got three categories about the software itself so I want to start with software reliability. In my experience, this is not like a magic phone that just works all the time like some people say there’s no such thing. I’ve had bugs I’ve had glitches I’ve had you know the screen dials down its brightness quite a lot when it gets hot. I have bugs with all kinds of phones so if we’re talking just the iPhone. I know specifically, it likes to stop wireless charging when it gets kind of warm and that’s just kind of annoying I guess it has to do that for safety reasons but there are a bunch of little things in the software occasionally.

The settings app will just crash I’ll open it and it’ll just disappear I guess when apps crash they just disappear and you’re just like that’s too bad like android will tell you like give you an error message or something. But no phone is perfect so I guess that’s sort of the baseline you’re working with would you say the iPhone is equivalently reliable versus android or would you side with one over the other it kind of goes in waves I think right now ios are pretty stable and that compares to android.

Android v/s iPhone Gaming Experience

There are a couple of things where you’ll just dig into the settings and find stuff in android the world that does not exist in the iPhone world and across the board, there are all kinds of features in specialty phones gaming phones all sorts of stuff that you will just never find it in an iPhone. 

The way I look at it right there are things in iPhones that don’t I guess like I’m thinking more like airdrop right people see that as a necessary feature sure facetime a lot of people see is irreplaceable interesting you’ve got share play you know a lot of people love the fact that you can especially now with ios 16 you can send a message to someone and they can jump into a shared play with you. That’s pretty convenient but I guess the caveat with a lot of the phone’s cool features is that they’re further locking you into more apple products there are lots and lots and lots of features in the android world.

Android v/s iPhone Customization

The key advantage android used to have is customization but you know you could argue that Apple is catching up with that you know especially now with ios 16. All that lock screen stuff you know like a lot of people think that smartphones are kind of coming to a plateau right. If apple is in this kind of mindset of we’ll wait for other companies to do stuff we’ll do it later but we’ll do it better does that mean that when both os’s reach their final kind of mature stages apple will actually be ahead because with each feature they’ve integrated they’ve really taken their time and do it properly.

Android v/s iPhone Assistant

It feels like there’s always going to be bleeding the edge that apple’s not going to really dabble in you know between the two assistants so you’ve got Siri on iPhone you’ve got google assistant on android. I think unanimously most people would say google assistant is the better of the two like it’s faster it can do more it’s more intelligent but how much do you use it.

The assistant I use all the time for a couple of key things taking notes and setting timers and shopping lists. I ask it in the morning every day what the weather and news are going to be stuff like not that Siri can’t do that. But there’s a good amount of stuff I use it. We taking averages because we’ve got let me see Cortana is available Alexa is available Bixby is available. I guess all this one’s a google assistant too. I give that edge so you never actually use Siri, no I very rarely use Siri.

Android v/s iPhone Pricing

The last thing is pricing and it’s obviously a bit of a tough one-to-kind blanket because on androids phones there are lots of different price ranges. I guess we could boil it down to value right which one do you think if any is better value for the money. I think some of these you want to just average things out but in price, it really is just about choice and in the android world, there is simply more choice if you care about value.

I can name three or four android phones with spectacular value if you care about them well if you don’t care about the value we can give you the highest android phones in the world that cost 1500$ or get a caviar phone with 55 diamonds on the back right. The best value if you search for it would be android because at the budget end is like a poco phone.


iPhone does significantly win more categories than android but obviously. It’s very much a personal decision that decision ultimately comes down to what the person who’s gonna go get the phone actually cares about there are objective winners in some of these and then there are very subjective winners in some of these too. The photography you are outright iPhone I’m actually an outright android. According to us iPhone is more reliable & has a longer lifetime than the android. 

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