Before joining the NCP, at the house of BJP leader Kalyan Rao, no matter where you wear it


The Pandharpur-Mangalvedha by-election campaign has reached its final stage. Today, after the campaign meeting of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, the atmosphere is very hot. Because Ajit Pawar, speaking in his style, expressed confidence that NCP candidate Bhagirath Bhalke would win. In this election, there will be a direct fight between BJP and NCP. Therefore, all eyes are on which party wins this election.

Pandharpur-Mangalvedha by-election campaign was held in the presence of Ajit Pawar. In this campaign meeting, “When Kalyanrao Kale said that he would join NCP, many people got stomach ache. For two or three days, BJP leader Kalyanrao went to Kale’s house and sat down. He spoke in Ajit Pawar style. He also expressed confidence that NCP candidate Bhagirath Bhalke would win. It was during this campaign that BJP leader Kalyanrao Kale joined the NCP.

The track was missed – Kalyanrao Kale

Meanwhile, within two years, Kalyanrao Kale joined the NCP, beating the BJP. Kalyanrao also said that he had missed his track in the middle period. This is considered a big blow for the BJP in the run-up to the Pandharpur-Mangalwedha constituency by-election. The entire group of Kalyanrao Kale, who is the president of Sahakar Shiromani Vasantrao factory, will campaign for NCP’s Bhagirath Bhalke.


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