Best Budget Android Phones By Samsung

Best Budget Android Phones by Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy J3 and J7 are the latest best budget android phones from the South Korean giant, but in the past, the phones have had names like the Galaxy Mini, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy A3 Duos. Whatever the branding, Samsung continues to churn out solid, feature-packed Smartphone at surprisingly low prices.

Samsung may be a household name, but its Smartphone don’t feel like a budget buy when you compare them to the best cheap Smartphone on the market today. Samsung’s latest budget offerings don’t reinvent the wheel, but they aren’t holding anything back. They’re powerful, fairly spacious, and feature some of the best designs Samsung has ever produced.

point of Best Budget Android Phones by Samsung

Screen Size/Display

The display is the most visible and important part of your phone, and this should be high up on your list of priorities. Even if you’re using an old phone that is mostly screen, upgrading to a higher resolution or adopting a new resolution (120/240 Hz) might make a big difference to how the display looks. Some may even feel like you’re using a slightly larger display.

This is important for watching video and gaming. Android Phones with High Resolution Displays Samsung Galaxy A8 Samsung makes some of the best Smartphone in the world, and their Galaxy A8 is no exception. It comes with a great screen for watching a video, gaming, and browsing the web, and it also has a great camera.

Camera Quality

To take pictures, you use the main camera. Camera quality varies a lot from phone to phone, and also from camera to camera. Most budget phones still have poor cameras, so we suggest buying a camera case. The exception is if you want a cheap Android phone that includes a front-facing camera and a flash. So if you’re not a selfie nut, you might be able to snag one of those front-facing snappers. For other phone types, you should check out our Best Camera phones.

I think Samsung is providing best android budget phones if we look into their Photo and Video quality. Performance and Battery Life Almost all budget phones come with a processor that’s slightly underpowered. To compensate, they use less RAM (random access memory) and less RAM is used to operate processes on the processor.

Battery Life

Keeps Your Charger Simple You know all those times you needed to call for help, but your charger was at home or in a random gadget graveyard, well, you don’t have to live that way anymore. Our guide has the five best mobile phone batteries that take up minimal space and use minimal power. That makes it easy to keep on your person for longer, as well as charge your phone faster without messing with your wall plug. Unsure if you need a battery back? Check out our list of the best portable USB chargers if you want one charger that fits all your needs. Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Business Insider Picks team.

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Samsung has introduced a best security feature in their mobiles. Whenever a phone is tried to be reset user have to enter the Google account associated with it. Many people get into trouble due to this feature. Check out Easy Samsung FRP Tool, if you are also facing this issue.


Finally, we have provided the best android budget phones for end user. Good things come in small packages, and so does the Android handset market. Fortunately, there are plenty of devices available that are still affordable and just as good as their higher-end brethren. With this Android handset guide, we’ve seen what the best of the best can do, and we can get you there at a great price as well. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and LG have their own particular foci and identities, but they are all rivals in the Android Smartphone market. Focusing on a sub-$300 phone, you can get some pretty decent hardware for a very good price, as well as reliable Android software. But as we said, there are cheaper Android Smartphone out there.

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