‘Chandrakant Patil should apologize to Bhujbal’

‘Chandrakant Patil should apologize to Bhujbal’

Our senior leader Chhagan Bhujbal responded. Congratulations to Mamta Didi. After this Chandrakant Patil threatened Bhujbal. You are on bail, don’t talk too much, that threat is not appropriate. The BJP is seen abusing the CBI and the ED. Therefore, Hasan Mushrif has demanded that Patil should apologize to Bhujbal. He was speaking at a press conference.

The NIA has not yet said who is in the Ambani case. Mushrif said Parambir Singh should be questioned immediately. Rashmi Shulka had offered Rs 20 crore to Yadravkar. He also said that Parambir Singh has links with the underworld and should be questioned.

As long as Pawar Saheb, Sonia Gandhi and Uddhav Thackeray are together, the government will not be shocked. If they are together, the government will last for 25 years, Mushrif said. We accept the defeat of Pandharpur. If our strategy goes a little wrong, it will definitely improve. He also said that we will win in Gokul.

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