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Cloud Gaming | Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is going to replace Normal Gaming. It doesn’t require any hi-tech laptop to play games. You must have a good Internet Connection to play games on the Cloud.
Today we are going to discuss Cloud Gaming & its advantages and disadvantages. If you do not have a good laptop or mobile to play games then you must try Cloud Gaming. Cloud Gaming is one of the best methods to play high graphics games. Let’s talk about how cloud Gaming works and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud computing is the use of remote servers to store data and applications in data centers operated by third parties. Cloud computing is commonly contrasted with traditional computer hosting, where applications run directly on the user’s local machine. Cloud computing may offer advantages over traditional systems including scalability, flexibility, access to information at any time, mobility, and multi-user capabilities.
Cloud gaming is basically online gaming where the game files are stored remotely. Rather than downloading the entire file locally, you only need to download parts of the game that have changed since you last played. This results in much faster load times and less storage space taken up by games. Cloud gaming gives people around the world access to play games at any time they want. It also helps reduce bandwidth usage and save money on data plans.

Advantages of cloud gaming

Save Money
When you use cloud computing, you don’t pay for storage or bandwidth. You simply pay for what you’re using. If you buy five gigabytes of data, you’ll only have to pay for the amount of data that you actually use. There’s no monthly fee, either.
Reduce Bandwidth Usage
Most people don’t realize how much data they use when playing video games. When you’re playing a game online, you can upload graphics, textures, music, and sounds. All these things take up a lot of space and are transmitted over the internet. By storing them in the cloud, you avoid transmitting all of those unnecessary files. Instead, you only get the ones that you’ve actually changed since your last session.
Faster Load Times
One of the biggest problems of having a local copy of a game is waiting while the computer loads everything before starting the game. With cloud gaming, however, the game starts almost immediately after you log onto the website.
Play Anywhere
Cloud gaming lets you play wherever you go, whether you’re sitting at home, on the bus, or even on vacation. Whether you’re on a plane, train, or boat, you won’t miss out on gameplay.
There are many different companies offering cloud gaming services. Some offer high quality service, while others may not have good customer support. Look for companies with a good reputation, especially if you want to play multiplayer games.

How Cloud Gaming works?

In order to find out how cloud gaming actually works, we’ll begin with a basic explanation of networking. A network is simply a group of devices connected together to share information and internet connections. If you want to connect your Android device to a computer, the first thing you need to do is set up a connection between them. You’d do this by plugging them both into a router. When they are plugged in, each device will have an IP address. An IP address is basically a number assigned to each device that identifies it uniquely.
Now that we understand basic networking theory, let’s move on to cloud gaming. In cloud gaming, your computer or mobile device connects to a server that is hosting the game. Your device sends data to the server, and then receives updates from the server. Once these updates are sent back to your device, it begins downloading the latest version of the game. Basically, it’s just like any other online service, except that instead of being on your local network, the game is being hosted somewhere else.

Benefits of cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming enables users to play their favorite games anywhere on any device without being tied down to one physical location. Using the Internet as a transport mechanism, users have a wide range of devices they can connect to, including computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, and even television sets. By using the cloud, players can not only enjoy the same type of gameplay experience on different hardware platforms, but also take advantage of newer technology while preserving older devices’ functionality.

Drawbacks of cloud gaming

Despite its many benefits, cloud gaming does have some drawbacks. One drawback is bandwidth. Since the server is located remotely, users need to pay extra in order to transfer data between themselves and the cloud. Additionally, latency issues may arise if the connection is slow. Another drawback is cost. A gamer playing through a cloud gaming service is paying more per month than if he were playing through a locally hosted system, since bandwidth charges and software licenses are included in the monthly subscription fee.


Cloud gaming is still in its early days. Many people do not yet understand what cloud computing offers them, nor how they should make use of it. As cloud gaming becomes more widely accepted, however, it will become increasingly easier to understand. If you like information shared by us then also share it with your friends. For any further questions regarding Cloud Gaming you need to just comment us.

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