Comfort: 9 lakh doses of vaccine will come today

Nine lakh doses of Kovishield will arrive in the state on Tuesday, the government said. Another 9 lakh doses will come by May 15. A total of 18 lakh doses are expected to arrive in a month. Therefore, citizens above 45 years of age will be vaccinated for the second dose at selected government and municipal centers in the state.

From May 1, vaccinations against the age group of 18 to 44 years began. Maharashtra had received three lakh doses of vaccine for this. The same dose is started to be given little by little every day. Vaccination for 45-year-olds has stopped because they have not been vaccinated. The central government will provide vaccines for people above 45 years of age.

For the last two days, stocks for it have not been available anywhere in the state, so this vaccination has been completely stopped. 4,100 vaccination centers were opened in Maharashtra. Of these, 3,508 centers have been closed due to lack of vaccines. On Sunday, only 592 centers were vaccinated. It is not yet clear when and how much India Biotech vaccine will be supplied for the second dose.

The date for taking the second dose is not available on the Covin app. As a result, the problems of vaccinators have increased. All of these people are over 45 years old. Private hospitals as well as many senior government officials have demanded that the government make separate arrangements for the second dose. However, this fact should be brought to the notice of the government, he added.

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