Dad! Plasma given to another patient instead of a coronary artery patient


Corona-infected patients are vaccinated and treated with plaza. Mira Bhayander has come up with a shocking case of plasma being given to a patient other than a corona-infected patient while being treated with the same plasma. Due to this incident, the lives of both the patients have become critical.
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi of Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation has given plasma to a non-covid patient without giving plasma to the affected patient at the government hospital.

On March 30, Tulsiram Pandya, 48, was admitted to the hospital with coronary heart disease. However, the first plasma was transfused on April 5 as his health was deteriorating even after being admitted to the hospital. However, as the condition was not improving, the doctors asked the relatives to require plasma again. Accordingly, the patient’s brother managed the plasma at a cost of Rs 40,000.

Meanwhile, another patient named Tulsidas was also admitted to the hospital on April 6. The corona report of this patient was still pending. However, due to the confusion in the names of these two patients, the plasma was transfused to Tulsiram as Tulsidas.

Due to this incident, the mismanagement of the hospital administration has come to the fore. There is also outrage from families over this type. Also now the health issue of both the patients has become serious. Meanwhile, the hospital administration is now working to transfuse the patient with plasma.

Will investigate and take action

Our emphasis is only on giving the right treatment to the patients. The Chief Health Officer, Dr. also said that a thorough investigation will be carried out in this regard. Tejashree Sonawane said


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