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Explore Omnichannel Conversations for Your Business With Bright Pattern

When you think of a call center, do you imagine a large office with rows of cubicles, each one housing an exasperated agent fielding a never-ending number of calls from frustrated customers? Unfortunately, this is still the picture many people associate with call centers. While it may be accurate for businesses still relying on legacy solutions, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, with the right platform and integration, you can turn your contact center into the star of your customer service efforts. 

With cloud solutions, you can even run a fully compliant call center with remote agents working from home instead of relying on premises solutions. With so many companies adopting extended work from home policies, a cloud call center may be just the thing to keep employees happy, and happier employees tend to mean happier customers. 

Of course, to bring your contact center to the next level and improve the customer experience, you’ll need to partner with the right technology integration experts. Here are just some of the most significant benefits you’ll have when exploring omnichannel capabilities with Bright Pattern.

Omnichannel routing is more convenient for everyone.


When you’re running the only true omnichannel cloud platform, you’ll be able to do much more than take incoming phone calls and make outgoing ones. Contact centers have indeed been going multichannel for a while now, meaning that customers can make contact with agents using digital channels like text, SMS, email, webchat, mobile apps, and more. However, a powerful cloud contact center with omnichannel capabilities takes this a step further.

With an omnichannel center, customers still experience the convenience of using their preferred digital channels, but they can also seamlessly switch between communication channels if the need arises. Even better, they can do this while contacting the same support agent, so customers don’t have to deal with the frustration of repeating themselves. Speaking of reaching support agents, a powerful contact center will also have smart routing solutions like interactive voice response or AI solutions to connect customers with the right agent for their needs right away, eliminating the frustration of being left on hold for long periods.

A great example of the advantages of omnichannel capabilities is when a customer contacts one of your support agents over your mobile app. If the conversation goes longer than expected and the customer needs to leave their home for an appointment, they can continue the same conversation over a hands-free phone call to reach a positive call outcome. Offering convenient solutions like this that your competitors lack will make your brand stand out in customers’ minds, and it may be the deciding factor in your favor.

A unified agent desktop empowers your support team.


One of the most challenging things about running a call center effectively is the high turnover rates for customer support agents. Outdated technology that makes it difficult for employees to do their jobs effectively is one of the top complaints. However, that won’t be a problem when using Bright Pattern’s platform, thanks to the unified agent desktop that can be accessed with a single sign-in. 

This desktop allows agents to track all conversations across all channels. Thanks to the platform’s ease of use, agents will be able to quickly jump into ongoing discussions with the full context of the situation. Real-time monitoring of conversations, coupled with AI-powered quality assurance, makes it easy to ensure a consistent level of quality across all of your customer interactions. Supervisors can quickly identify which agents are excelling and which ones will need additional coaching to perform their best. 

Ultimately, an omnichannel contact center powered by Bright Pattern is the best way to elevate your contact center in a way that satisfies both customers and employees. 

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