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FAUG mobile game 2021 Tips and Tricks | FAUG Guide | How to play FAUG game


FAU-G mobile game is available on the Google Play store. If you have been waiting for this “so-called” PUBG Mobile alternative for a long time, head over to the Play Store using your Android smartphone. Ensure to connect your mobile device to a stable WiFi connection before installing the game. The game has already been rated 4.6 on the Play store. iPhone users will need to wait for longer to get access to this action game. We at BGR India received early access to the FAU-G also known as Fearless and United Guards and tried the action game before anyone in the country. Also Read – FAU-G India launch, Reliance Jio suspends internet services in Delhi NCR: Today’s top tech news

Many of you must have already downloaded and started playing the game on your mobile device. While some of you may have already crossed level one, there are a few who are facing difficulties. To make things easy and also help you win the match, here’s a complete guide on how to start playing the FAU-G mobile game. Take a look here. Also Read – FAU-G releases in English, Hindi and Tamil; more language support coming

How to download FAU-G

It’s easy. Take an Android smartphone, type FAU-G or FAUG in the search bar of Play store and you will be able to see the official game right at the top. There are several fake ones available as well, so beware. Note that the FAU-G game has been developed by a Bengaluru-based called nCore Games so make sure you check the developer details properly before installing the game on your mobile phone. Also Read – FAU-G mobile game launched in India, released on Google Play store

How to get started

The process is really easy. You don’t need to enter any details of your own. Just install the app and open it on your mobile device. The game will take some time to connect to the servers, so, have some patience there. Once the servers are reached, the FAU-G trailer will be played, you have the option to skip it. You will then able to see the player right on your phone screen, next click on the Play option to start the game. Before entering the main game, there will be a training round where you will be lessened about the functionalities and how to play the game and what to do to win by crossing the levels.

How to play FAU-G

This one is pretty similar to any other action game available on Play store. The storyline here is that of the Galwan Valley episode that occurred between the Indian and Chinese army at the border last year. Soon after which the Indian government banned hundreds of Chinese applications including the popular TikTok, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, among others. In the game, you will be the Indian army soldier and need to fight the opponent (the Chinese army in this case) to reach the border line.

All you will need to do is keep running with the controls given and defeat the Chinese army coming your way and move ahead. There’s a controller on the left of the screen, you can move around using it. There’s no way you can jump or anything right now. Probably there will be upgraded later via updates.

When a Chinese army soldier comes your way you will need to fight with him by continuously tapping the fist icon. You can also save yourself by tapping on the shield icon on the right side of the screen. The game screen also displays your health in green, the time remaining to finish the target, and the levels. This episode is of four levels.

How to improve health

There are bonfires in some intervals. To get fitter and improve your health you will just need to sit next to the bonfire. To improve health, run towards the bonfire, click on the tent icon displayed on the right side of the screen, and that’s about it. Notably, once you sit next to the bonfire the time will run faster. So, ensure to save health as much as possible.

How to win FAUG game

Image: BGR India

How to get weapons

The only way to get weapons is by killing the Chinese army and taking their weapons to use later to fight. Once you are able to successfully kill an opponent you can collect his weapon and use it to defeat the rival when required.

Tips to win the FAU-G game

I had to try over 10 times to finally win the game. You will need to be strategic, plan your move accordingly. The more close you get to the end line, the more difficult the game gets. At a time there will be more than five Chinese army men and you will need to defeat them to move ahead in the level.

#Tip 1: You must keep your health recovered at all times.

#Tip 2: You must know your surrounding properly.

#Tip 3: Check the opponents from distance first and be prepared to fight the battle.

#Tip 4: Use a weapon only when the opponent has a weapon too. Otherwise, the fist fight is a better option.

fearless and united guards

Image: BGR India

#Tip 5: Beware of opponents attacking from behind. Keep tapping the fist icon on the right side of the screen constantly when the Chinese army is around you.

#Tip 6: Keep track of bonfires around you as they can be required at any point to recover health.

#Tip 7: Keep track of the health line and also the time.

The more we play the game, the more useful FAU-G tips we will bring to you. Meanwhile, so share with us what you like or dislike about the game.

How to manage graphics, sensitivity, volume

To change these settings you will just need to open the app on your mobile device, click on the settings menu and manage graphics, sensitivity, and volume from there. It should be noted that this version of the game works best with mid-range and high-end mobile phones. The company previously confirmed to BGR India that there could be an FAU-G Lite version if required in the future.


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