Give Your Business And Website An Impetus With Mobile Apps

Give Your Business And Website An Impetus With Mobile Apps

The present time is all about the completion of tasks in a jiffy. Therefore, using mobile devices and applications have also gone up drastically. From gaming platforms, e-commerce applications, social media, or learning apps, the iOS and Android applications are raging the world. If you want your website to stay at par with the digital world, mobile apps are indispensable. People are less likely to visit a website when they can utilize the mobile versions on their devices. Here is a glimpse of the statistics when it comes to the usage of mobile apps.

  • Over eighty percent of people use mobile apps on their smart phones instead of web browsers.
  • Research reveals that even if people order goods from websites using their PC’s and laptops, about forty percent of people use the mobile app of the e-commerce site for further communication and inquiries.
  • Over eighty percent of people involved in digital marketing believe that using mobile applications help in better business promotion than the other means.
  • Most businesses have generated massive revenues after launching their mobile apps in 2020.
  • With higher leads, the conversion ratio of the business also takes a leap.

While these are only a few statistics to consider, you need to go into deeper details. 

Things to know

With a custom app for your e-commerce site, you can see the sales figures go up to very high level and this is primarily because the customers of today are reaping the benefits of using e-commerce apps. The faster is the pace of life becoming, the higher is the tendency of people using mobile apps in a go when searching for goods and services. Moreover, the customized apps are more user-friendly than the conventional e-commerce site, making it easy for businesses to convert the interest of customers into sales. Read the following to learn more.

  • The apps allow businesses to send reminders, updates, and push notifications to customers more easily when compared with the more conventional modes. 
  • If you are planning to offer a discount sale to customers or some special promotion offer on your store, you can avoid the hassles of sending mass email marketing messages but still get a higher ROI and push notification.
  • The apps allow you to link the social media feeds, physical store location, and blogs in one place to help customers view everything they need efficiently, quickly, and satisfactorily. 

Reasons for your business to rely on a mobile app

If it has been only a few minutes you have viewed an app or reading this article on your smart phone, you are pretty much aware of how mobile devices have gradually empowered the world. Quite naturally, your business needs to leverage on this opportunity to get more prospects, clients, and referral partners. With the mobile apps offering value to businesses in several different ways, you need to have app for your site.

Get higher rate of conversion

Statistics reveal that over seventy percent of mobile users rely on the internet for purchasing goods. However, there is an equally high number of online retailers provide an opportunity to fulfill the needs of people. One of the most visible advantages of a mobile app is its convenience and how it streamlines the business. 

When compared to desktop searchers, the mobile device users are faster in making their buying decisions. For instance, people buying food items using apps are much less likely to visit the website for ordering the same items. If you are planning to add a mobile app to your website, talk to a mobile application development agency to meet your needs. 

Increase speed and accessibility

If you are not yet familiar with the process of creating a mobile-responsive site, you need to spend time for downloading it. On the other hand, a mobile app downloads much faster ad all that the customers need to do is click on it. Speed is one of the reasons why people use mobile apps. If you already have a mobile-responsive site, adding a mobile app can resolve the slow download speed. 

Another reason why using a mobile apps are more convenient is its availability on the interface of the phone and all you need to use it is to tap on it. With en users enjoying mobility and flexibility of accessing your services and products, nothing matches the convenience of the apps on your smart phone.

Take your website to pinnacle

There are several key areas in which the apps are becoming significant. More and more people around the world are relying on mobile apps to make their lives better and improve their shopping experience. Furthermore, it also helps people to work more flexibly and allow them to stay on the top of the events and news that are significant. 

Rev up your brand

With the mobile app, you can empower your brand and make it more vivacious, primarily due to built-in features that allow you to convey the marketing efforts to the target market. For instance, your mobile app may include features that offer ready access to customer service. 

Increasing customer engagement

There are several different ways for businesses to boost customer engagement, such as email marketing and social media. However, none of these methods can be personalized to reach the customers quickly. With a special app customized for your business, you may be sure about the preference of customers through scheduling push notifications. Apart from this, you can set up automation that allows you to garner the reviews and ratings whenever customers make in-app purchases.

With a mobile app, you can deliver a comprehensive brand experience for the users. Your website comes to the screen of your mobile phone but customers often find it difficult to manage it among countless apps. With mobile apps, the customers can enjoy browsing without distraction and stay restricted to viewing one app for one app at a time. 

The final word

If you get a custom app to extend your website, you can make the most of numerous opportunities to fulfill the business objectives. You can let the users stay free while viewing the apps. The mobile app enhances your market awareness and visibility for your products and services and allows customers to know that you are updated with the latest technological resources. 

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