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Google Search may soon get dark mode on desktop


NEW DELHI: Dark mode has always been one of the most requested features among Android and iOS users for various apps and Google has been among the prompt developers to roll out support for dark mode for almost all its apps. Now, it appears that the internet search giant is going to be bringing dark mode on desktop as well.
According to a report by 9toGoogle, Google is testing a dark mode for Search on desktop web with a handful of users. “Google is now A/B testing a native dark theme for desktop Search. The white background switches to a dark gray hue that matches first-party mobile apps,” said the report.


<p>Image courtesy: 9to5Google</p><p><br></p>

Describing the other elements of the Search page, the report adds that the Google logo will appear in White instead of being multi-coloured, the microphone icon will remain unchanged and the Gray outline of the search field will be reversed. The text colour will appear in Gray and clickable links will appear in Blue, as per the screenshots provided in the report.
The screenshots provided in the report are from Windows 10 in both Chrome and Firefox. Two weeks ago, it was reported that Google is working with Microsoft to roll out enhancements to the dark mode on Chrome.
Although the current dark mode works with Windows 10 dark theme, it only changes the colour of some elements of the user-interface. With the next update, Google is planning to implement the dark mode theme to the entire Chrome web browser.
Google has confirmed that it is updating WebUIs with support for a complete dark mode in Chrome. The new dark mode is already available in Chrome Canary web browser and it is available for users for a quick hands-on.

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