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How Can A 6 Monitor Setup Help Your Day Trading?

Are you ready to try your chances with day trading? Perhaps you’re simply exploring new ideas to maximize your 6 monitor setup. Either way, it all starts with your equipment and how you use it to serve your needs. The first step is making sure your device is up to the task with the right specifications. Many people refer to these as trading computers. Falcon is one of the most reputable manufacturers as per their portfolio of various devices and you can view it here for more details.

Getting the Right Specification for your 6 Monitor Setup

As a day trader, you’ll be making a large number of trades every day based on real-time data that are constantly changing. You, therefore, need the right equipment to be able to update that data instantly and clearly so that you don’t get overwhelmed. A good starting point is as per the list below:

  • Desktop or laptop
  • Graphics cards
  • Monitor display resolution
  • Cables and accessories

Desktop or Laptop

Most people already know whether they’re a Mac or Windows 10 user. Nevertheless, do you have the optimum RAM of 16GB, or at least 8GB? What about your processing power? Most traders now use Intel processors with their multiple cores. These allow your computer to perform many tasks all at once, therefore, making it faster. Whilst at least 2.8GHz although 3.3GHz is clearly better if you can afford it. Again, Falcon trading computers are state-of-the-art and worth a look if you’re serious about your trading.

Graphics Cards

A core component of your 6 monitor setup is the computer’s integrated graphics card. Some hardcore gamers opt to make their computers and buy an external graphics card. However, this is where the Falcon trading computers are worth considering because of their integrated options. Nevertheless, you should check that your device has at least 2GB of Graphics Processing Unit power although Falcon’s options include 4GB, 6GB, and up to 8GB.

Having said that, Apple uses Radeon graphics cards that also go up to 8GB. In fact, these are often preferred by gamers because of their superior quality. What all this means is that your graphs will update even more instantly so that you don’t miss any small changes that might be happening in your markets.

Monitor Display Resolution

Clearly, it’s important that you can actually see whatever is on your screens in detail. As a day trader, you’ll have various charts and graphs laid out across your 6 monitor setup and your deals depend on you being able to see all those details.

When it comes to monitors, there are three LCD panel display options currently on the market known as TN, VA, and IPS. The last two are higher resolution although most traders and gamers often opt for TN panels. This is because their resolution is already at a very high quality which is more than good enough. Also, gamers tend to prefer high frame rates which the higher resolution panels couldn’t keep up with.

Cables and Accessories

Naturally, you’ll want to arrange your 6 monitor setup and desk space so that you’re comfortable and not surrounded by clutter. Whether this means investing in a new desk and cable management accessories is your own personal choice. Regardless, remember to check your DisplayPorts before you buy your cables to determine which ones you need. The most common ones are HDMI, VGA, and USB although there are some variations.

Maximizing your 6 Monitor Setup for Day Trading

  • Arrange your workflow
  • Know your strategy
  • Leverage shortcuts

Arrange your Workflow

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to go all out and buy a 6 monitor setup straight away. Instead, you can start with perhaps two or three monitors and gradually go from there. The advantage is that you can plan your work as you develop your trading strategy and figure out the optimum setup for you.

Know your Strategy

It all starts with your strategy whether you decide to go for the Market Opening Gap or special indicators and news strategies. There are many different approaches that will mean monitoring various graphs and data points. For example, how many markets are you covering and how many charts do you want upon your multi-monitor setup? What about other information sources that might be helpful for your trading? Either way, you’ll need to develop your own approach and how you want to break down all that information into the right layout for you. 

Leverage Shortcuts

One word of caution about a 6 monitor setup. Make sure that you plan carefully so that you don’t get overwhelmed or even lose your cursor. A good tip is to avoid opening any unnecessary things whilst also exploring your exciting shortcuts. Although, DisplayFusion is worth exploring as they have special shortcuts specifically designed for a multi-monitor setup.

Final Recommendations for the Best 6 Monitor Setup for Day Trading

Whether you opt for two, three, or even 6 monitors is actually a very personal choice. A cautious approach is to build up from two or three monitors. Regardless, plan your equipment properly so that it has the right power and specifications to allow you to go all the way up to a 6 monitor setup. This gives you flexibility for the future. In the meantime, design your trading strategy and your workflow will naturally follow and you’ll be a successful day trader in no time.

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