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How do i manage the domain i just purchased?

Domain is the essential part of running your website. If you want to make yourself any kind of website for any sort of use, you need to have a domain. If you are a business owner or a regular person or anyone who is running a website online then you are already having a domain name. A domain name gives the identity to your business, or simply put tells the viewer who you are. Generally domains are the same name that the business runs with, so that customers can find you quickly. Now let’s discuss in detail what a domain is and what is the management of a domain.

What is a Domain?

To be oversimplifying a domain name is a just a name for your business’s online presence. But that is just the oversimplification. A domain is an address or a cover up face for a bunch of IP addresses who are used by a business for their website. For example a domain name represents a website which might even have a dozen of IP addresses assigned to its websites. And all these IP addresses are linked to some webpages so that whenever a user searches a domain name he or she get to a webpage of the business or person related to that domain name. Domain always have suffix in their end which vary on your geographical location or type of organization you are using it for some of the domain name suffix examples to clearly understand this are below.

.gov – Government agencies

.edu – Educational institutions

.org – Organizations (nonprofit)

.mil – Military

.com – commercial business

.net – Network organizations

.ca – Canada

.th – Thailand

All these were a few example of what domain suffix are, and there are a lot more than that. All the domains use a domain name system used by DNS servers to identify or to categorize them.

What is domain management?

So, now we have discussed about what a domain is. Now we need to know how to manage domain name. To clarify the meaning of domain name management you can think it of as a subscription of Netflix but for your domain name. The domain name management refers to the process of securing a domain portfolio for your business needs. All people who own a domain name need to renew their domain name after a certain amount of time. These people also need to access domain name servers, which helps them to connect to services like email providers and Google advertising tools and search tools. 

A lot of time a common misunderstanding happens to people of taking domain name and website for the same thing. So you need to keep in your mind that these both are different things. A domain name in your website’s URL makes it possible for people to get to your website. You can consider domain name registration as a key which allows the users access to your website. No matter how big or small a website is if there is a problem with domain the whole website will go down.

How to manage your domain?

Now let’s talk about how you can manage your domain by yourself. Simply put to manage your domain by yourself all you need to keep some simple things in mind which are listed below.

Ensure your own domains

Domain owners are their registrants and you need to make sure that your name is listed on the place where you brought the domain name from. 

You are really advised to keep track of all the domains that you have brought so that in a matter of utter urgency you can easily access them and use them as you wish.

The point or the address where your domain resolve should always be your website but not anywhere else. So you should once in a while check where your domain is pointing to. 

Enable auto renewal of your domains

Having your domain name to get unregistered after some time of not renewal for some reason sure is frustrating. So you should always keep your domain on auto renewal. So that whenever your domain registration gets expired, it automatically gets renewed and all the headache of renewal goes away. 

Enable two factor authentications

Security of your domain should be the top priority of yours. You should always make sure that your domain name is safe and secure. To avoid getting your domain name getting hacked or jacked by any random hacker you need some solid security. To maintain high security you need to have two factor authentications.

Share the account management with other users

Loosing access to your domain is a very bad thing to be. To avoid loosing access to your domain name you should share the account with a second user or email. You should at least share to 2 other people for extra safety.


So we have talked about a lot of things like what exactly a domain is and what is its management. We have also talked about how to do its management.

 To conclude all of that we can say that basically domain is the identity of your business. Domains are an essential part of your website’s identity and without domain name your website can not become functional for general public.  And domain name management is to basically to keep track of your domain subscription and to check all the essential from time to time. To manage you domain name you just need to ensure that your domain belongs to you from the provider after buying it. You need to keep track of where and with whom you registered the domain name. You should enable auto renewal of your domain. 

And to make your domain secure you should also enable two factor authentication. And also make sure you use multiple email addresses with your custom domain. Just keep researching and doing your best you will get better with time. 

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