How Immigrants Enrich The US Tech Sector 

Historically speaking immigrants have continuously help to propel US tech sector industry to become global giants, and things are no different in the modern age. In particular we are talking about tech, the world’s fastest paced sector and arguably the most important. In fact if we needed any reminder as to exec toy how important migrant workers have been for the nation, we only need to look at what happened during the pandemic, where they were critical in providing healthcare and also in the development of the vaccine. 

Within tech, we can see quite clearly just how much these workers enrich the industry. 

Benefits For Migrants 

There is no doubt that job opportunity is the reason why so many migrants flock to the US each year. If we take India as an example, there are so many skilled workers there who aren’t getting the pay or the opportunities which they can receive in the US. In fact if you look at the amount of workers who send money to India each month, it becomes clearer as to why they have made the change and who they are able to support as a result. 

Supporting AI 

Artificial intelligence is the logical next step for so many tech companies, and so many of the breakthroughs which we have seen in this industry have been made by foreign-born scientists. Recent research has found that in the last 30 years, 75% of AI breakthroughs have been made by those born outside of the US. 

Bringing Skills 

 This of course is not a one way street and whilst the US can help out migrants with more job opportunities and better pay, these workers also contribute new and fresh ideas to the country. We have to remember that nations like India and China take a different approach to tech than we do here, which is how these individuals are able to bring those new angles when they combine their knowledge with home-based workers. 

Filling Gaps 

There are some Americans who believe that jobs in regions like Silicon Valley should go to homegrown workers, but the reality is that there just isn’t enough highly skilled workers. This is exactly why the US not only needs migrant workers, but actually depends on them. According to talent discovery company Yoh, there are 5 jobs for every 1 software developer in the country, and that at any given time there are 250,000 computer science vacancies across the country. This is why the country must utilize the talents of migrant workers to ensure that the country continues to be a global leader in technology. 

Lora Ivanova who is the co-founder of myLAB Box, a health startup in L.A. recently spoke about the need for migrant workers in the industry:

“The truth is, to stay competitive in a global market, U.S. businesses need to employ the best talent regardless of nationality. Imposing restrictions to visas may curb immigration but will not reduce the need for expertise which may not be available in the U.S.,”

It is clear that migrant workers are propping up this industry as much as they are enriching it with their talents. 

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