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Learn How To Activate Your New iPhone 14 And Set Up Esim

Apple has supported eSIM since the iPhone Xs and XR, but this year it is going all in and removing the traditional SIM card slot from all US versions of the iPhone 14.

Even though more models for specific countries will support both physical and virtual SIM cards, Apple may eventually get rid of the SIM slot in other countries if there isn’t enough supply. There are different ways to do things depending on where you live. For this guide, we mostly focused on the U.S. market.

ESIM is an alternative to a physical SIM card that is built into the phone’s circuitry. This makes it easy for users to switch between SIM cards. It lets people store more than two SIM cards.

Up to eight SIM cards can be used at the same time as the iPhone 14. How easy is it to get a new eSIM working on an iPhone? 

The Steps To Do It:

  • The very first step is to go to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. It is possible that this setting could be under Settings > Mobile Data > Add eSIM.
  • Then you will see some numbers on the display to transfer the plan. Otherwise, you can select the “Transfer from Nearby iPhone” option by yourself. Both iPhones, which you are trying to connect to, have to be on iOS 16 for this to work.
  • After that look for the instructions on the old model. They will help you through this process. Put the verification code — which will be showing on the new iPhone — on the older iPhone.
  • When you switch your service to the new iPhone, your carrier will email or message you a prompt to complete the setup process.
How To Activate Your New Iphone 14 And Set Up Esim

QR Code Support

  • If your carrier has provided you with a QR code, all you have to do is choose “Use QR Code” while configuring the new iPhone or take a photo.
  • In some areas, go to Settings > Mobile Data > Add eSIM to discover the “Use QR Code” option.

Actual SIM Conversion

There’s a possibility that some carriers will give you SIM in the conversion of eSIM on the spot. You also don’t need to go to the store for that.

Go to Settings > Cellular, choose- Convert to eSIM, and then press Convert Cellular Plan to do it. Some carriers might let you switch from a physical SIM to an eSIM right away, so you don’t have to go to a store.


Some U.S. carriers may have their own websites and apps that make it easy to set up eSIM. Most of iPhones will ask for a stable Wi-Fi connection when you convert your eSIM. However, the eSIM-only iPhone 14 can be activated without the internet.

Setting Up Your New iPhone 14

Your iPhone 14 has finally arrived. Whether you preordered it and received it in the mail or picked it up from your neighborhood carrier store, you finally have Apple’s newest phone in your possession. And you must set it up, nevertheless, you could require assistance.

We’ll walk you through each step of setting up your iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max in this guide, starting with turning it on and connecting to Wi-Fi and ending with activating your eSIM and transferring all of your data.

What To Do Prior To Configuring Your iPhone

If you’re switching from another phone or setting up an iPhone for the first time, you’ll need the following items before you can begin:

  1. Back up your old phone: It’s best to have a recent backup to restore if you’re switching from an older iPhone because you’ll be transferring data from your old phone to your new iPhone 14. You can back up your computer if you lack sufficient storage.
  1. Keep your old phone nearby: It’s a good idea to have your old phone ready, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone. In fact, doing so might speed up the setup procedure.
  2. Make sure to have an internet connection: To configure your iPhone, you must connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network.
  3. Be ready with your Apple ID credentials on hand: Have your email address and password handy in case you need to log into your Apple account to restore a backup or do anything else. One can be made even more easily during setup.

Let’s Set Up Your Phone Now

1. Switch on your iPhone

Turning on your iPhone is the first thing you must do. Regardless of the model, turning it on is the same: When you see the Apple logo, press and hold the side button on the right side of your iPhone. The Hello screen should show after a short while. Now swipe up to start.

2. Follow the instruction on your screen

To complete the first step of the setup, you will now need to do a handful of quick and simple tasks on your iPhone. You will first need to:

  • Pick a language: If you’re in the US, English should be listed first and center.
  • Choose your nation or region: Again, if you are in the US, “United States” should be visible at the top.

3. When setting up your iPhone 14, use Quick Start

The Quick Start screen, which lets you automatically set up your iPhone 14 with the aid of your old iPhone or even an iPad, can be found on the following page. 

This will require you to turn on your old smartphone, connect it to Wi-Fi or cellular, and then bring it close to the new iPhone 14.

4. Setting up network

Now connect to a Wifi network on your phone and start setting up your eSIM. After that put your Face ID or Touch ID on the record. Pick a way to transfer the data. It can be done either with Cloud or from your previous iPhone. 

5. You are all set to use your brand new iPhone 14

Swipe up to enter your iPhone after you’re finished. You’ll need to wait while your phone gradually uploads all of your apps and data to your new iPhone 14. You might not see all of your programmes on your home screen or all of your images and videos in your camera roll.

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