How to Beat your Competition Using Criminal Defense Advertising

As a criminal defense attorney, you most likely are aware of just how difficult it is now to get new clients. Some attorneys hang around prisons and court houses just to score a new client and unfortunately, this strategy no longer bears fruits. Now, everyone is online, even alleged criminal offenders and this is where a good attorney should focus on if they are to get clients. 

However, not all criminal defense attorneys are well versed in digital advertising and marketing. To them, this may seem difficult and so they stick to what they have known all their lives; word of mouth and referrals. Well, this article will serve as a guide on how to best approach criminal defense attorney advertising.

Create a Professional Digital Presence

A professional website will speak volumes about your firm. Your website should be fresh and uncluttered, featuring services you offer in a way that is easy to understand to a layman. Some attorneys put too much legal jargon on their websites and these only scares away potential clients who may end up believing the attorney may be overpriced. Once your website is set up, create social media platforms to enable you engage better with your clients. 

Managing a digital presence in criminal defense advertising requires some good knowledge of legal processes. Therefore, ensure the person managing your online channels is aware that the content they create should be legally sound and ethical. A legal website requires a professional and formal tone, as this will be your avenue to interact with clients and showcase your core competencies. 

Enhance Interaction using a Blog

Blogging has gone mainstream and attorneys now have to embrace blogging as a way to educate their potential clients and the public on various aspects of criminal law. As a criminal defense attorney, you simply need to create content that revolve around criminal law, and by highlighting your thoughts on various laws and new regulations, you can remain ahead of the curve and beat the competition to reaching new clients. 

A blog will also help you to channel feedback and this interaction will help you to streamline your practice to international best standards without appearing too expensive. Criminal law practice requires a down-to-earth approach, as compared to enterprise law, and therefore, by creating content and talking about issues that directly affect common people, you are more likely to get more clients. 

Use Digital Marketing Tools to Stay on Top

Starting a website and a blog isn’t the end of your marketing journey. You need to consistently maintain your website and blogs by enhancing how your brand ranks as compared to others. There are thousands of other criminal attorney sites, but by using digital marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), adwords and even clickbait, you can consistently rank higher and better than your competition. 

Overall, you should manage your defense practice as a business entity rather than a profession when it comes to marketing for criminal defense attorneys. Ensure you are always aware of the industry and this should reflect in your advertising and marketing. 

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