How to choose your lucky numbers

Besides the classic casino games and sports betting markets, online gamblers can enjoy many other games. Betway lucky numbers is a great example of such lotteries, where players pick numbers hoping they’ll win a prize. Most people find it easy to choose the numbers they feel most lucky about, as it’s more entertaining and satisfying than randomly picking numbers or having the computer choose for you.

But how can you choose your lucky numbers when betting at Betway or other online lotteries? Here are a few tricks.

Choose a number you feel lucky about

Lotteries are luck-based games, as there’s no way of truly knowing whether you’ll win. However, many people struggle to identify their lucky numbers, although they’re just around them. In most cultures across the world, gamblers consider seven a lucky number. In fact, Mathematician Alex Bellos believes seven is the world’s most popular lucky number.

Given its popularity, it isn’t surprising we have seven days in a week, seven seas, seven continents and other important sevens. However, seven isn’t the only traditional number around the world. Three, four and eight are also considered lucky numbers in many parts of the world.

If you want to choose a lucky number representing your surroundings, you can check for the number representing your culture. However, more people use traditional lucky numbers, meaning you have a higher chance of splitting the jackpot with these numbers.

Pick personally meaningful numbers

Playing lotteries at Betway is more fun when your lucky number bet has a personal meaning. For instance, you can choose your wedding anniversary, birthday or any other meaningful numbers that have a personal connection to you. Fortunately, dates are just some of the special numbers with personal meaning.

You can choose your lucky numbers according to your number of pets, house number and other things that might make you feel lucky. You’ll only need to think about things that make you feel warm or happy to know which numbers to choose.

Use Numerology

Numerology works on the belief that numbers relate in a spiritual way. You can choose lucky numbers or days to play lotteries by decoding that relationship.

You can use numerology to find your lucky numbers in different ways. For starters, you can create a tabulated table with numbers one to nine and a letter to each column so that A = 1, B=2, C=3 and so on. You can then plug in your first/last name so that every letter is represented by a number and add them to get your lucky numbers. You can also do that with only the consonants or vowels of your name.

Lucky Number Generators

Lucky number generators are the easiest way to find a number to wager on. The lucky number generators use randomness and numerology to help you find your lucky numbers. They’re simple to use, but most gamblers prefer a more engaging way of choosing their lucky numbers while betting.

Bottom Line

Mathematically, each number in the sequence holds an equal chance of being chosen as the winning number. Past performance has nothing to do with future performance, but the above tips can make the whole experience more fun while playing lotteries.

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