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How to Design a Website Focused on Higher Conversions


eCommerce is enjoying a continuous upward movement because it is more convenient to shop online. Thus, the digital world is increasingly becoming crowded, with more people and enterprises are creating their websites, which not only perform as storefronts but also expressions of creativity and visual appeal. It only takes a few seconds for a web user to form an opinion on whether to continue browsing, or look for another website.

With the availability of statistics regarding web traffic and other data, business owners realize that they need to implement web design optimization if they want to stand prominently in a wide sea of websites if they do not want to lose revenue.

When you are engaged in digital business, one of the things you need to consider is the conversion rate. Without it the foundation of your digital business is likely to crumble. Customer experience decides user retention. Therefore, it is critical to improve and optimize web design to differentiate it. The services of a good web design company will come handy in this regard.

Why is a good web design necessary?

A well-designed website affects your business and your target audience. It is already a known fact that website users will stop engaging with a site if they do not find it appealing, whether due to the site’s layout or its content. Many web users look at a website’s design as a sign of the company’s credibility, meaning the owner spent time, and money to create a company website.


According to experts, web visitors typically spend 15 minutes consuming a website’s content. Therefore, it is the task of a web design company to ensure that the content of the site is beautifully designed, with the right content and design elements that facilitate easy and fast browsing, while ensuring the proper delivery of the message.

How a good web design company ensures higher conversion

The skills and experience of a web designer come to the fore when it creates an effective website that will deliver all the client’s requirements as well as the functional design elements that make a website appealing, visually and aesthetically.

It is vital for the company to understand website design, even on a superficial level, so they can discuss what they need as well as know some things that may or may not work.

Here are the design elements that will help improve your conversion rate and search engine ranking.

1. Define your value proposition

The client should define their unique selling point (USP), which sets your service or products apart from your competition. It is vital to understand that online competition can be fiercer than offline, because of the consumers’ short attention span. Likewise, there are more businesses similar to yours that are competing in a crowded space. Your USP should be positioned centrally within the overall design of the page.

A USP is usually a short but impactful slogan that embodies your company’s mission or your product’s main persona. The slogan must clearly state what benefit your company will give to your consumers. The style of the website should be consistent with your value proposition.

2. Use simple navigation

This web design element is sometimes overlooked by newbie web designers because they want to add as many creative elements as possible to a web page. If you want to improve your conversion rate, your website should be easy to navigate. Web page navigation means that the user can easily see and do the things they want to achieve while visiting your site, such as finding your phone number or your physical address, completing a form, accessing customer support, or checking out the items they added to their shopping cart.

Simplifying site navigation means that the web user can easily finish what you intend them to do with a few clicks. Make the next steps clear and obvious, using simple instructions that are easy to understand. Another thing to keep in mind — make sure that your website is optimized for tablets and smartphones where the visual landscape is smaller, which requires minimal elements and precise instructions.

3. Opt for a simple layout

It is not the number of design elements that make a web page attractive. Rather, it is how the elements are used creatively. You can achieve more visual appeal even with just a few elements. A good web designer can play around with typography, colors, a few but outstanding images, and positioning of the elements.

Go for a design that is visually arresting without shocking the audience. Identify your target audience to understand their preferences, so that your website design can be tailored specifically with them in mind.

The website layout should include the right elements, such as simple and clear call-to-action, white spaces, the right font, and a professionally photographed product image.

4. Include real-time customer support

You should understand the value of real-time customer support today since customer experience matters highly. Chatbots and live chat tools are helping many businesses to handle customer queries. It is possible to customize these widgets. The chat tool can be placed on the right-hand corner of the web page and be programmed to show up when needed. It can become the brand theme and voice. It can be AI-powered to recognize keywords included in messages so that it can provide smart and prepared responses.

5. Focus on the design elements on the landing page

The landing page is the first page your web visitors will see, so it should be visually appealing to entice visitors to stay. Make sure that your images are optimized by providing images with human faces to provide a sense of empathy (depending on the product/service). Ensure that your landing page loads quickly without compromising the quality of your visual elements. Employ hero images when necessary. Moreover, you should choose the right font types/font styles, use white spaces and colors creatively, and additional information that will resonate with your visitors.

Testing your website before launch is critical. Aside from these best practices, the website should be optimized for SEO rankings by selecting the right keywords in your content with the help of a reliable web design company.

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