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How To Fix A Slow Computer?

It is the most annoying thing when you face a slow computer problem every time. It may delay your important work which is done through the computer. So, we have the solution of how to fix a slow computer issue. So, you can enjoy the fast speed of your computer.  

This article can give you the solution to solve a slow computer problem. But before this, you should know why these problems occur? This helps you a lot to get the answer to an issue faced during running a computer. 

Why Is Your Computer Running So Slow?

There is no one reason behind the issue of why the speed of your computer becomes slow. Due to many ways, computer running slow and it reduces the effectivity of work done by your computer. 

1. Running Too Many Apps

If too many apps running on your computer. Then, it is the biggest reason to create an inactive performance on your computer. If you installed those apps which you don’t need longer then, uninstall them. 

It is because they can only fill the space in your RAM(Random Access Memory). To improves the speed of your computer, you should have the limited apps which you require. 

2. Unlimited Storage of Data

Storage of unlimited data in RAM can also lead to and affects the speed of your computer. Some of you may contain unused or temporary files which are not needed in the future. 

3. Due to Malware and Viruses

When you visit any site, they provide some link in which they directly force you to click on the link. Some of these contain Malware or Viruses. These viruses are helpful for cybercriminals to monitor the activities of your computer. 

4. Open Lots of Tabs

Opening lots of tabs at the same time can be dangerous for your computer. This can be an issue of running a slow computer. Start-up of lots of programs at a time is not good for your computer. To fix the slow computer, you should open tabs when it is needed. 

5.Use of Obsolete Apps

The speed of your computer becomes slow if you don’t update the apps when it is required. Using an old version of the apps does not gives you the chance to enjoy browsing and work effectively. Old versions do not have more security as the new version contains. 

A new version of software and apps can also bring more features of privacy. It also fixes the slow computer and issues of bugs which are not seen properly with the naked eyes. 

Best 3 Softwares To Solve A Slow Computer?


CCleaner is one of the popular software if you are facing a computer running slow speed issue. It automatically updates the software or apps which fix small bugs in your computer. CCleaner can also fix a slow computer for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7

CCleaner can be the best solution to slow computer fix free. A free version that can be helpful to clear the cache and cookies of your computer. If you are not satisfied with its free version then, you have the opportunity to upgrade the paid with its version. 

Paid version comes with more features to protect your computer and data. Drivers Updater can solve the small bugs which are not easy to scan and identify. It removes junk files that are harmful and indirectly impact your computer. Also, you can avail discount on CCleaner products by using CCleaner Coupon Code

Advanced SystemCare

Install the Advanced SystemCare and you can also get the chance to fix a slow computer for free. Iobit SystemCare helps to secure browsing and remove logs to clear cache and cookies. This lead to solving a slow computer problem without paying charges. 

Advanced Systemcare 15 Ultimate also contains antivirus features. It can fight with the existing or even against the new Malware which can affect the information of your device. Few tools can be useful for Windows 7. Advanced SystemCare software also takes care of the slow computer speed of Windows 7. For better results, we did a CCleaner Vs Iobit advanced SystemCare comparison.

Avast Tune-up

Maintain or optimize your PC with the help of Avast Tune-Up. You can put apps on sleep mode when not in use. The automatic updates feature brings more privacy to your activities. Bloatware helps to remove the ads and internet trackers to protect the information. 

Avast Tune-Up cleans the registry to boost up the speed of a slow computer. It is useful to free up space by deleting browsing logs or files which are no longer in use. These apps scan properly and uninstall the apps or delete data which lead to affects your computer performance. All these functions are helpful to solve your computer startup slow Windows 8 and 10 also.  

What Are The Ways To Fix A Slow Computer?

We have discussed some popular reasons which are the basic issue faced by every computer user. Each problem has a different solution to fix a slow computer

So first, you have to identify the reason why your computer becomes sluggish and does not work properly. After this, you can fix a slow computer step-by-step. These steps are useful to boost up the speed of your computer as well as the internet during browsing or streaming.

  • Deleted the unwanted files or copied data from your computer.
  • Uninstall those apps which you don’t need.
  • Reset or Reboot your computer can solve half of the problem of the slow speed of your laptop.
  • Install antivirus to protect your computer from the virus. It is because when your computer gets hacked, then its performance becomes sluggish.
  • Use a computer optimization tool that can scan, detect, remove, and automatically updates the apps. This software is best to optimize your computer by removing temporary files
  • Turn on sleep mode to deactivate some apps while doing some important work on your computer.
  • Get more RAM to store huge data on your computer.

All these issues can be solved by using computer utility software for optimization. One software can solve all these issues easily. But, choosing which computer optimization tool is best can be time-consuming and confusing. 

So, we have brought out the best 3 tools which are used by many people. Now, have a look at features you can get to fix a slow computer problem. To reach out to more articles like this check on WebTechCoupons. 

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