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How to screenshot on mac?

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If you have a question in mind, How to screenshot on Mac? Then press Shift+Command+3 screenshot is one of the best way to share whatever you are seeing on the screen. If you have any problem or an error then you can take a screenshot of screen and send it to tech support. If you see any message on social media, you can capture the moment immediately and share the image with all your friends, family members and followers.

If your profession requires taking regular screenshots. If you want to screenshot on your Mac, then you’ll need to know 3 common keyboard shortcuts, & fourth one if you have a MacBook pro with a touch bar. One of these techniques is a little newer. You might remember this shortcut from MacOS Mojave 2018, to MacOS Catalina 2019, then to MacOS Big Sur, and that it has carried over to MacOS Monterey 2021.

How to screenshot on mac

Screenshot tools for Mac have always been very easy to use, yet somewhat Basic. You can capture just about anything on screen if you knew the right keyboard shortcuts. An in Windows there is a dedicated button on keyboard named as ‘prt sc’.

 Stick around with us, because we also walk you through how to work with those screenshots after you have taken them. Although Apple gives you a fair number of other options to easily save, delete & open the screenshot for markup, tools that I have come to appreciate & which I use regularly.

Screenshot Tool

If you want to open the screenshot tool, then go to Launchpad > Other > Screenshot, or you can directly use the shortcut Shift+Command+5. Then after you will have 3 options, to take a screenshot of the entire screen, a selected window, or a custom selected area of the screen.

You also get an option to recorded video of screen, including the entire screen or you can select custom area of the screen. In options drop-down menu allows you to choose where to save screenshots. 

You can also directly take screenshot of entre screen by pressing Shift+Command+3.

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You can use this keyboard shortcut combo to turn your cursor into a crosshair, you can use this to drag to select a portion of your screen to capture. Then after release the mouse button or trackpad to take the screenshot. To capture a specific part of your screen, then press Shift+Command+4 & your pointer will change to a cross-hair. 

Then Click and drag the cross hair, so that it covers the area you wish to capture. Lets go to grab the selected area or you can press the Esc key to cancel. By holding down Shift, Option, or Space Bar, you can change the shape, size, and position of the selection area before capturing an image. The screenshot will be saved as a .png file on the desktop by default.

Except above option you also have a number of other options after (Shift-Command-4)-

Press & release the space bar:- After pressing the crosshair turns into a little camera icon, which you can easily move over any open window. Then Click on your desired window to take a screenshot of. A screenshot captured by this method has a white border around the window with a little bit of a drop shadow.

Hold down the Shift key:- This is after dragging to highlight an area but before releasing the mouse button / trackpad: This locks in each side of the selection area made with crosshairs save the bottom edge, hence letting you move your mouse up and down to position the bottom edge. 

Press & hold the space bar:- This locks in the shape & size of the selection area but lets you reposition it on the screen. It is very handy if your initial selection area is off by a few pixels; just hold the space bar to reposition it before releasing the mouse button to take a screenshot.

Without releasing the mouse button, you need to release the Shift key & hit it again to reposition the right edge of your selected area. You can toggle between moving the bottom edge & right edge by keeping the mouse button / touchpad engaged & pressing the Shift key.

Touch Bar screenshot for MacBooks pro: 


If you have the 16-inch or 13-inch MacBook Pro, did you know you can take a screenshot of what is currently showing on the Touch Bar? Then Just hit Command+Shift+6 to take a very wide & skinny screenshot of your Touch Bar.

(Image credit: thetechnobug)

Change default location Where Your Mac Screenshots

By default, the screenshots are saved to your desktop. But if you want to change the location then, you can change that. Open the screenshot tool with pressing Shift+Command+5, or just by going to Launchpad > Other > Screenshot > Options. Then under the menu section there is Save to, here you can select a n.ew default location or specific folder as you prefer

You also have another option, instead of saving the screenshots directly to your computer, you can instead directly send them to the clipboard by adding the Control key to any shortcut command. 

Change Screenshot Image Format on mac

By default, screenshot on Mac is saved as .png file format, but those can get pretty big, as new macs have a large Retina display monitor. You can also switch to .jpg format just by doing a small amount of coding. First Go to Launchpad > Other > Terminal & type the following inside the new window.

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