How to Shade Every Other Row in Microsoft Excel


shade every other row in excel.Staring at text or numerals in columns and rows isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. There are many pre-formatted color plans you could try, or you could just save the hassle of looking through them and elect to color shade alternating lines.

It’s sleek, professional-looking, and a breeze to do with Excel’s built-in tools.

Shade Every Other Row in Microsoft Excel

  1. Open an Excel workbook.

2.Highlight the section you want to apply the effect to. Don’t alternate rows or columns, just highlight an entire area, as shown.

3.Under the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting.

4.Select New Rule.

5.In the Format Style drop-down, choose Classic.

6.Choose Use a formula to decide which cells to format.

7.Enter the following formula into the appropriate area: =MOD(Row(),2)=1.

8.Click Format.

9.Click the Fill tab and select a color.

10.Click OK.

11.Click OK once more to apply the formatting.

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