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How to Win at Valorant More Often

Have you once wished to hit fantastic shots and win at Valorant more often like other players? To win Valorant, especially when you are a total beginner, can be quite a challenge. That’s why if you intend to improve, start exercising and warming up with Battlelog’s Valorant Hacks before getting engaged in matches. At least you will shorten the learning curve a bit. 

 Also, this article will share some strategies on how to gain incredible shots and win at Valorant. So, if you’re ready to change things, check more details below. 

Strategies to win more 

1. Understand the characters

The number of agents in Valorant is about 16. Selecting the right agent can bring out the best performance in you. That’s why you must devote time to understand many of them.  Each agent possesses four abilities that are uniquely advantageous in tactical situations. These abilities differ in nature and could be the usual skills, such as flashbangs and smoke grenades, or some magical abilities, such as conjuring walls and sonic arrows that function like radars. Becoming well-versed with your agents’ capabilities will prove to be very useful when gaming in a group.

2. Master the available weapons

If you don’t know your weapons, how are you going to use them efficiently? Since there are many weapons in the game, why not give some time to understand how they perform. 

For instance, you can learn their shooting range, spray pattern, and recoil system. This information will help you to use the appropriate one all the time. Imagine how chaotic it will be to use a long-range weapon for close-range combat. So, please find out how each works and strategize their use. 

3. Crosshair Positioning makes a huge difference.

Finding the right crosshair positioning for your style can be expedient, but some gamers think that it isn’t a big deal. They seem to believe that all you have to do to win at Valorant is to stay on the course enough just to hit kills, implying that vertical placement is the only aspect that impacts crosshair positioning. But there are other things to set right when customizing your crosshair. 

 We recommend that a reduction in the spread indicator and selecting a color to stand out will significantly ensure that the drab backdrop of Bind will be more effective. Additionally, it allows you to create flick headshots with greater consistency. The bottom line is always to use a static crosshair rather than a dynamic one that adapts when you shoot or move.  

4. Don’t stop trying to improve.

As the adage says: Practice makes perfect. Winning a Valorant requires consistency in practice. By regularly playing the game, your aim will improve, and you won’t have to remind yourself all the time about what to do. You can try playing all the agents to choose the top best for you. Also, practicing with all the available weapons can help you to make a fast decision. So, don’t stop trying to improve. But if you have been spending two or more hours on training and still miss simple shots, you should probably unlearn the shooting habits you once acquired. 

5. Try to be swift in everything.

Professional Valorant gamers are usually assessed based on their timely reactions, one of the most relevant metrics. The reaction time means measuring the time it takes to view something, decide to act, and take action. For example, in Valorant, your reaction time will determine if you will score the drop on your opponent or get shot right between the eyes. 

Generally, average timely reaction times range between 200 and 300 milliseconds but can vary from one individual to another. Timely reactions can be mental reactions or physical reactions. Mental reaction time refers to how fast you notice an enemy approaches, while physical reaction time is how quickly you can shoot an enemy that is looking around a corner. For the best results at Valorant, keep up with your timely reactions and ensure that it is higher than that of your opponent. 

6. Avoid the higher levels.

While it is all good to be ambitious, we recommend you take things slowly at first. For instance, ranked gameplay is not usually a good starting point when you’ve not mastered the tricks and tips of winning Valorant. Instead, take your time to play the simpler matches, and as you improve, you can level up and try out your skills in the matches. The truth is that some Valorant modes can be very challenging and will put terrible pressure on you. So, take it at a comfortable pace at first. 


Every player aims to win at Valorant more often, but at the end of the day, the use of their skills and abilities will determine if they will achieve their aim. So, check out the strategies we’ve shared above and start implementing them today. Don’t forget to understand the agent, weapons, crosshair, and always being swift in the game. 

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