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HP workstation Gaming Configurations

It’s impossible to keep your hands off of a computer when there are so many gaming events happening around the globe. Professional gamers will prefer to bring their equipment with them to compete and use their gaming laptops as their workstations.

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These workstations can keep you cool while running for extended periods, and they also have impressive battery life. A gaming laptop with the right ports and capabilities can accommodate all types of peripherals.

These are the top perks of a portable gaming laptop computer:

High-quality graphics that fit in a smaller laptop frame

Even after hours of running, you can still stay cool and quiet.

The 8th Generation Intel(r), the latest generation of processors

Upgraded memory up to 16GB and SSD storage options

Displays with high resolution at minimum 1080p and a 144Hz refresh rate are preferred. A 4K display is better for maximum clarity.

There are plenty of ports to hook up HDMI, USB 3.0 and Mini DisplayPort.

Compatibility with VR-ready gear and products

Full-size, spill-resistant keyboard that can handle all your life’s mishaps

You can use the HP ZBook 17-inch mobile computer to create your favorite games. It is the most powerful and versatile workstation in the world.

Animation and video

Large video files were used to be edited on a stationary computer with a fan and a hot processor. We’ve made great strides in allowing directors, editors, animators to move freely on set and take their projects outside.

  • Updated components that are able to edit and render large files without dragging the system such as NVIDIA (r) Quadro(r graphics and the latest Intel Core ™ i9 processors
  • You can protect your work and data with security features like the HP Sure View privacy screen, and RAID backup storage functionality.
  • Amazing laptop display options are available, such as the HP DreamColor Display which displays your video in 600 nits brightness and more than 1,000,000 colors. It also has 100% Adobe RGB coverage.
  • A durable laptop body that can withstand the active lifestyle of the typical maker and offers both a fully-functioning tablet keyboard and a fully functioning laptop keyboard
  • The HP ZBook Studio 360 G5 laptop workstation is the best choice for those who need powerful editing and rendering capabilities. It also features a convertible body design that makes it easy to use.

3D rendering

Create the things that make dreams come true. The newest workstations can be taken with you wherever your next project takes you. No matter if you are in the medical field, engineering or arts, a portable workstation is a great way to travel around the world and achieve the most current tech results.

These are the top 3D pros’ portable Hp workstations:

  1. Access to inner compartments is easy for rapid upgrades to the processor, memory and RAM. This allows you to make modifications to your components as technology improves.
  2. Compatibility through design and development using complex programs such as Catia or Siemens NX
  3. The HP Z workstations are durable even under stressful work conditions. They have passed the rigorous military standard testing and easily surpass these tests.
  4. Tools to work with groups of any size and in any location, such as the HP Collaboration Keyboard which allows you to connect with worldwide teams
  5. Many HP Z products can be used with the top 3D rendering software, but the HP ZBook 15 inch workstation laptop is an excellent choice. The HP ZBook 17-inch laptop is the best choice for those who want more power. It’s the most powerful mobile workstation available today, based on the maximum processor, graphics, memory and power supply.


Students lead busy lives. Students are busy. They spend their time on social media, watching movies, or video-chatting with their families back home. The best laptops are able to handle all the tasks college students will need, including research, calculations, project creation, and even creating them. It’s important to have a laptop that can be used as both a tablet and a laptop. Convertible models offer students the perfect combination of both.

Here are some things to look out for in a student’s workstation:

  1. Windows-based software suite includes the best apps for productivity, creating and social media
  2. Convertible design, which allows it to be used both as a tablet with a pen or drawing tools and as a notebook with full-sized keys for endless writing sessions
  3. Amazing graphics to display entertainment and video-chats among friends
  4. Battery life up to 11 hours for full college day, freedom-focused
  5. Durability to withstand all the bumps campus life can throw at it
  6. Modern and sleek design
  7. It’s not acceptable to carry a few gadgets around with you, so products such as the HP Pavilion x360 convertible laptop are very popular among college students. It can be used in tablet, laptop, tent, stand, or stand mode to provide comfortable computing inside and outside the classroom.

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