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A Quick Guide to Become a IOS Devloper | Jobs Opportunity in iOS Devlopment

IOS developer is a person who develop mobile application according to user requirement. If you have developed app before then you might not need any introduction about iOS developers. But if you don’t know anything about them then here we discuss some basic things about them related to their role, job profile and salary details. So let’s start the discussion.

iOS Developer Job Profile

A mobile developer works with various programming languages and tools including Objective C, Swift, JavaScript, Java, etc. He/she uses these skills to create applications for smartphones and tablet devices.You may find yourself working with different types of technologies.

In fact, you’ll be expected to learn new ones every day. You could work on developing apps for iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox One, Blackberry 10, Google Glass and others. You may even get called upon to write code for websites.

Your job prospects vary widely depending on where you decide to specialize. If you’re just getting started, stick with iPhone or iPad apps; they offer good opportunities for freelance work. As you advance, you can consider switching to Android or developing cross-platform (Windows 8) projects. Or you might want to focus on writing web apps for a range of platforms.And that covers the basics of what a mobile developer does. Let’s take a look at how much money they make.

Where do Mobile Developers Work?

Mobile developers usually work out of offices. However, some freelancers operate out of home office environments. And some use coworking spaces. You’ll probably spend the majority of your time interacting with clients via email and phone calls. Sometimes you’ll go into client sites to meet face-to-face. Most mobile jobs require you to work independently, although some companies prefer to keep teams together.

How Much Do Mobile Developers Make?

The median annual income for mobile developers was $59,200 in 2015. That breaks down to $28 per hour, or $14.50 per hour for part-time workers.Of course, it varies quite a bit based on experience, industry and geography. According to PayScale, the median pay for mobile developers in San Francisco, California was $85,000 a year. New York City paid $75,300 annually.

Austin, Texas had the lowest pay average at $46,900.Salary information is notoriously difficult to pin down. There’s no national standard, and few people are willing to share real-life data. Instead, salary figures are gathered using surveys, self-reported data and anecdotal evidence. Still, the numbers can help you understand the market.

Mobile Devlopment Job Outlook

If you’re considering going into mobile development full time, keep in mind that the field offers lots of career potential. According to Payscale, employment should increase by 22% between 2014 and 2024. There are many reasons for this trend, including the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets.

Many industries will continue to rely heavily on mobile technology, requiring programmers to stay on top of the latest trends.As the global economy grows and more countries adopt technology, demand for skilled IT professionals should remain solid.

What’s the difference between developing iOS apps vs Android apps?

The difference is that Apple has a different set of rules than Google when it comes to programming languages, APIs, app store policies, hardware requirements, etc… So if you develop for iOS you have to learn their language and use their API’s. You don’t do that for Android though, you use Java and Android’s SDK.

Android vs. IOS Development Resources

There are many aspects to consider before deciding what kind of app to build. These factors can heavily influence your decision making process. Here are some things to think about when choosing your development platform:

  • User experience – Does the chosen technology make the user interface feel intuitive and simple to use while providing users a great UX?
  • Developer community – Is there sufficient documentation and support when developing with the chosen technology? Are there forums where developers discuss best practices and answer questions?
  • Size of market – There are two major types of applications out there. Apps that cater to a specific niche (think travel guides, recipe books, etc.) and those that attract a broad audience. If you want your app to scale well, then you should go with a technology that offers good scalability. Do not limit yourself to a single choice. Remember to always evaluate your choices based on real world data and not just theoretical considerations.
  • Price – Is the cost of learning a technology outweighing the cost of maintaining your software once it goes live? If it does, then maybe you should try using a less expensive technology. But remember, no matter how much money you save now, you may end up spending significantly more down the road.
  • Time to Market – Will you need to adapt your existing business model to accommodate the implementation of a new technology? Once you decide on the technologies you wish to implement, consider whether they will require changes to your current business structure.
  • Technical skills /expertise – In order for an app to meet its potential, it needs to be built using the right tools. Is the programming language easy to master, or is it complex and time consuming to learn.


iOS Development is going more effective than Android Development. Peoples wants to earn more money so they are looking towards Digital Products. In this article we have discussed iOS Development and Jobs Opportunity in iOS Development. If you like this article share it with your friends and if you have any quarry just comment below.

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