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9 IT Staffing and Recruitment Trends in 2023

IT recruitment always changes and moves forward, but lately, progress has become so fast, some specialists can’t catch the main trends in time. With the global pandemic, rising popularity of remote hiring, the never-ending introduction of new technologies, and changing social climate, falling behind on main staffing trends is understandable. In this post, you will learn about the main tendencies that shaped the recruitment industry in 2022 and will continue to be important in 2023. 

Remote work 

The ability to work remotely became really popular a few years ago, but because of the global pandemic, its popularity skyrocketed faster than many experts expected. In North America, for example, about a quarter of all IT professionals work from home. According to research, about 98 percent of tech talent wants to have the option to work remotely at least once a week. Although a lot of companies cling to traditional full-time work schedules due to a number of concerns, like difficulties with tracking progress or employees’ use of company resources, remote work is here to stay and top candidates will want it as an option. 

Diversity and equality 

Social climate changes in most countries and IT companies need to react fast. Corporate policies about gender equality and encouraging diversity are big factors for a lot of top tech talent when looking for new employment. Focus on those issues proven to be not only good for employees’ productivity and overall happiness, but also good for business. Just make sure that the company is up to date with all the newest trends and articulate them to candidates. 

Focus on mental health

Ensuring employees’ mental well-being became one of the main focuses in recruitment and HR during the pandemic era. Try to make sure that working conditions are suitable for every team member, special training and monitoring apps also help with this issue a lot. A lot of younger developers are focused on mental health policies while looking for new projects. 

Increased analytics of the workforce

Every recruitment company tries to implement the newest technologies in their process, but with tech hiring service it is especially crucial. A lot of top recruiters use AI analysis tools of the workforce in their work and the number of said tools only grows every day. Today it is impossible to be a top recruiter without working with data analysis and using Artificial Intelligence for faster results. 



Automation in Recruiting  

Investing in professional tools for recruitment automation is an absolute must in 2022. With them you can post multiple jobs offers on different platforms at once, automatically sort candidates’ info based on different factors, and even programming chatbots for initial contact with tech talent. Potential possibilities are truly infinite and you need to jump on that train while you still have time. 

Employer’s branding 

If you are planning on bringing on top talent in their respective field, you will need to think about proper employer branding. Senior developers working with in-demand programming languages and frameworks have a great variety of potential employers and besides the financial side of things, often they are considering a company’s image too. Make sure that simple internet research won’t turn viable candidates away because of a bad brand image. Working on social media presence, getting positive reviews from previous clients, and other factors are crucial to a company’s reputation, so don’t neglect them. 

Marketing in recruitment

In recent years a lot of top recruiters began to use classic marketing tools to attract tech talent. So instead of scrolling through hundreds of resumes, you will market your company to inspire IT professionals to apply for the job. Here employer branding comes in handy. This approach is pretty new to IT staffing but has already proven itself in the professional community. 



Gig economy 

Of course, short-term contract work isn’t new to the IT industry, but during the global pandemic more and more people began to use this model as their preferred method. Now almost forty percent of tech professionals in the United States work as contractors and this number only grows. A lot of companies react to this shift by adopting a hybrid team structure with full-time core members and contractors brought for short-term specific tasks. This approach has proven to be great for the budget, so the gig economy is here to stay. 

Flexibility in everything

Even with an ever-growing number of software developers, top talent with real expertise is still pretty rare and you will always have to compete with other potential employers. Don’t be afraid to be flexible and creative with the working conditions you offer, if a candidate is set on a remote or hybrid schedule, for example, try to meet their demands. Also, be open to going out of your usual talent pool and searching for software engineers without a college degree or from abroad. Most of the companies on the market employ a hybrid team structure and at least partial remote hire in their business, so don’t stay behind on this trend.    

Attracting Gen-Z workforce

Now the majority of the IT workforce is composed of millennials, but so-called Generation Z is entering the field. Although a lot of them are still pretty young and lack the experience to be anything more than an intern or junior developer, you need to tailor your recruitment strategy for the new generation already. Zoomers are coming fast and according to the latest projections in the next few years, almost 60 million of them will become part of the IT sector of the US economy. So be prepared and don’t neglect them. 


Recruitment always changes, but in the last few years because of the global pandemic’s effect on world economics and new technologies those changes become more apparent than ever. Without keeping up with all the latest trends it is easy to be left behind and miss out on top tech talent. This post will help you to get a full picture of all the biggest things in IT staffing that will shape the whole industry in 2023. 

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