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Know Your Business Technology – Driven Company Verification Solutions

Business entities’ verification is also obligatory as verifying the customers. Cybercriminals are becoming pro in their illicit activities. With the use of technology, the fraudsters don’t rely on old-school methods to attack the system. The criminal activist deceives the businesses by making shell companies that exist on paper but don’t have any physical formation. To authenticate the companies know your business (KYB) is of great interest.

By making relationships or collaborating with other companies the businesses tend to grow. KYB compliance is very fruitful for the companies to identify the businesses as well as authenticating every single entity linked to it. Regulators have established KYB checks which protect the business interests and also prevent numerous types of fraud.

What does KYB Means?

Know your business meaning is crystal clear, business due diligence against multiple frauds such as money laundering, terrorist funding, and business identity theft. Through this, the businesses can come up with effective policies which are fruitful for the business interests and also make companies capable of detecting suspicious transactions. By employing KYB checks the company can determine whether their client is legit or just a shell company.

Traditionally know your business process enables corporations to authenticate the business entities such as ownership, management, and ultimate beneficial owners before getting into any kind of relationship. The business is obliged to employ AML checks by the regulators if they tend to deal with international corporations. Know the business is the first step of establishing B2B relations.

KYB solution verifies the companies by obtaining their business information such as register name, register trademark, country of origin, subdivision, etc, and gives the exact image of the businesses with whom they tend to deal.

Securing Business Interests with KYB

In the modernized world, business relationships depend on mutual understanding. The business affiliates can’t control the vendors or distributors of their partner company. This relation is based on trust between both business entities. Know your business standard is reliable and promising to build trust and a secure communication channel between both parties. 

Digital KYB solutions provide company verification methods with a new sense of authenticity and make the long tiring business verification procedures into a seamless experience. Due to this new gateway, business relationships are achieved which is beneficial for both business entities. KYB is the ideal way to secure business relationships in a world where scams and fraud are not stopping.

Difficulties To Employ KYB Compliance

Businesses tend to face a lot of challenges to gather the information of the companies before establishing the relationship. The topmost issue arises when the company has to get access to the beneficial owners’ information, especially companies that are not required to submit the documents under jurisdictions. Therefore lack of shareholder and management information makes it quite tough for the corporation to authenticate the businesses. Moreover, the businesses are still working with the traditional way of company verification procedures which usually do not prove to be authentic. 

Automated KYB service to prevent B2B Frauds

The business traditionally performs company verification manually which leaves lots of loopholes because of human intervention. Performing KYB procedures is a tough job if done traditionally. But technology-based company verification solutions are quite easy to employ and provide results with high accuracy. Using automated verification processes is the key step to combat B2B frauds.

On one hand, the digitalization of businesses has boosted up the occurrence of online scams but on another hand, the digitalization of business verification procedures provides robust solutions as well as prevents the risks of the rising number of frauds. Digital KYB solutions also enable the businesses to get them secure from the hefty fine imposed by the regulators if the institution is found guilty of involving in any kind of criminal activity or case of data breaches.


Benefits of automated business verification 

Transparency Between B2B Relationships

Businesses are obliged to use KYB procedures to prevent fraud and to provide justification in case of a data breach. KYB compliance enables the business to trace the companies’ activities and also allows the corporates to maintain businesses’ updated databases for frictionless workflows. The organizations’ reputation depends on the business due diligence procedures which tend to be reliable. Therefore determining and verifying the beneficial owner of the client entities is significant to solve the verification difficulties.

Trouble-Free Regulatory Compliance

A customer-friendly interface enables the companies to fulfill the compliance established by the regulators. The businesses that fail to adhere to laws tend to face non-compliance fines and financial losses which affect the business productivity and lead the road towards failure. Therefore the online KYB verification services make a shield against business frauds and secure business relationships.

Final Thoughts 

It’s obvious that the businesses lacking standards of KYB tend to become the victims of the fraudulent activities as well as have to pay hefty fines to the regulators in cases of the data breach. To avoid such a situation digital KYB solutions are the perfect solution to fulfill the regulatory requirements. Automated business verification is cost-effective as well as also provides results with high accuracy. Therefore, verification of a company is essential for establishing long-lasting business relationships.

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