Maharashtra Lockdown: ‘Spiderman’ breaking Corona’s chain!

While every citizen of the state is facing a horrific situation like Corona, every citizen is seen living with his life in his hands. In it, a man in Mumbai disguised as ‘Spiderman’ is sanitizing buses, bus stops and public places. Spiderman’s sanitizing service is helping to break the corona chain in Mumbai to some extent.

The prevalence of corona is increasing in the state. So while the state government is trying to break this chain of corona, now Mumbai social activist Ashok Kurmi is disguising himself as ‘Spiderman’ and sanitizing buses, bus stands and public places outside Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj station.

Talking to him democratically in this regard, Ashok Kurmi said that since the launch of Corona, citizens have been seeing more and more people in PPE kits. Therefore, I am wearing this costume to create new hope and aspiration in the citizens and public places are being sanitized everywhere. So that citizens traveling on public transport will not be infected with the corona.

Ashok Kurmi’s work is being appreciated by the citizens. Kurmi’s action is breaking the corona chain in the kingdom to some extent.

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