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Minimum requirements to play GTA5 in Laptop

GTA is the one of the best games everyone loves.The Grand Theft Auto series is set in the fictional city of Los Santos. Each installment features increasingly complex open-world gameplay, while remaining relatively linear in terms of story progression and plot. Players assume the role of Michael “Michael De Santa”, a professional criminal who is framed for the murder of his friend Franklin Clinton and subsequently escapes imprisonment. He then begins committing crimes across Los Santos and San Fierro to prove his innocence. The player can choose to commit various missions, steal cars, make money, and partake in different activities.

Everyone wants to know what are the Minimum requirements to play GTA5 in Laptop. If you want to play GTA5 on your laptop then you have to complete some basic requirements discussed in this article.
Let’s talk about some basic requirements to play GTA5.

Graphics Card

Graphics cards are simply the heart of computers. Without them, we would not have any games on our consoles or even access to websites. A graphics card is the processor of video cards and is what allows us to see 3D models on screen. To run GTA V smoothly you should have at least 8 GB RAM memory and Nvidia GTX 560 Ti GPU, and these two components combined allow your computer to handle the game’s graphics.


CPU stands for central processing unit. It is the brain and control center of your computer. Your CPU determines how fast your computer performs its tasks, including playing video games. The recommended CPU for GTA 5 is Intel Core i5-4590.

Hard Drive

Hard drives hold the operating system files and data saved by your computer. If you get rid of your hard drive, the data stored on it will no longer be accessible. You need to make sure you have enough storage space for your operating system and programs. There are 2TB minimum disks for Windows 10 and 4TB minimum disks for Windows 7/8.

Sound Card

The sound card is responsible for converting digital audio signals into analog ones. Most sound cards also include built-in speakers, as well as microphones if they are compatible with your motherboard. You should check out the specifications of your sound card before buying.

Memory ( RAM )

Memory is basically where your computer stores information. RAM refers to random access memory. A good rule of thumb is to ensure your computer has at least 6GB installed. However, many modern laptops only have 4GB, so look into upgrading your laptop’s memory capacity if you want to play GTA V smoothly.


A monitor displays images on your computer. It is the connection between your computer and the outside world. Monitors vary in size, resolution, price and features. Make sure yours supports HDTV resolutions (720p and 1080i).

Optical Drive

An optical disk drive reads data from CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. You may find that your computer comes preloaded with an optical drive. If not, you will need to buy a separate one. Be aware that some older PCs will require a DVD drive, whereas newer machines do not need them anymore.


In this article we have discussed Minimum requirements to play GTA5 in Laptop. If you want to play GTA5 in your laptop then you have to complete these requirements. If you like our article also share it with your friends. For any further queries just comment us now.

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