More than 60 shops sealed in Wardha

While the outbreak of corona is on the rise in Wardha, strict lockdown restrictions have been imposed in the district to break the corona chain. However, these rules were being enforced by traders. So today the administration took action to seal the shops of the traders who kept the shops open.

The incidence of corona is increasing day by day in Wardha. Citizens were seen walking on the streets for no reason. Therefore, the police took punitive action against these citizens. So the cowardly rules were being trampled on by the merchant class in the city. Therefore, the administration took action against them by sealing the shops in the main market area of ​​the city. In today’s operation, the municipality and revenue department have sealed more than 60 shops.

In Wardha, the shops of essential commodities were kept open. The shop was crowded with customers at the time, while some traders continued their trade through the back door. Some shops do not have social distance and sanitizer in front of the shop. The shops were sealed as there was no social distance in front of the shops, said Vipin Paliwal.

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