Nashik Oxygen Leak | How did the oxygen leak in Nashik happen? Watch CCTV footage

Last Wednesday, Dr. Municipal Corporation. Twenty-four patients died after an oxygen leak at Zakir Hussain Hospital. How did this accident happen and how did the oxygen leak happen? CCTV footage of this has been received by ‘Lokshahi’.

The oxygen tanker arrived at the spot around 11.55 pm. The pipe connection started at 3 minutes after 12 o’clock and the oxygen leak started when the valve broke at 12 minutes after 12 o’clock. As a result, steam and fog spread in the area. 12. The oxygen supply to the hospital was cut off after 15 minutes. The fire brigade was notified at 12.16 p.m. At 12.25, the fire brigade arrived in just 9 minutes.

After this water was sprayed after 12.26 minutes. At 12.30 pm exactly where the leak is coming from, the valve was found. Attempts to stop the spill at 12.32 were successful. Two minutes later, at 12.34 pm, the oxygen supply to the hospital was restored. But in just 32 minutes, 22 patients died instantly. Nashik Municipal Corporation has installed CCTV cameras inside and outside the hospital, so this incident has become clear.

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