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The Nest Aware app works with your iPhone or Android device. You’ll receive real-time location information, including where you’ve been and what you’re seeing throughout your neighborhood. Nest Aware will notify you if anything changes at home temperature, smoke smell, carbon monoxide levels, etc. If something unexpected happens, you’ll get alerts right away. When you get home, you can view activity history and check out how long it was since your last visit.

Nest Aware App Introduction

The Nest app is free for the iPhone and is compatible with both Android phones. This application is best suited for the observation of wildlife from the safety of your home, including birds, bugs, fish, and reptiles. This is a great tool for bird enthusiasts who want to know where their local nest sites are located. By taking pictures of the nests and submitting them to the Nest database, you can track where they have been over time. There are many different categories of wildlife you can observe within the app. You may also submit videos taken with your camera phone, which can help identify species and give tips about what kind of environment they live in.

Why get Nest Aware Subscription?

Subscription box companies have become incredibly popular over the past few years and they’ve certainly caught on in Canada! A Nest Aware subscription provides access to real-time data about how often your Nest devices detect activity around your home (like motion sensors) and sound detection. You receive information about the times and dates when these activities occur, along with what devices were detected at those times. By knowing what types of things are happening at any given time, you get insights that let you respond appropriately to potential emergencies or interruptions. If you’re having issues with your security system or doors not working properly, Nest Aware could help you find out if something’s going wrong before you even call the police!

Nest Aware Features

1. Smart Home Hub – Nest Aware With Nest Aware, you’ll get real-time insights about what’s going on at home while you’re away. You’ll know if anything goes wrong – whether it’s smoke alarms going off or kids playing too loudly. And you’ll get notifications about things like water leaks or when someone comes into the house (so you don’t miss out on those surprise company visits). All automatically, without any effort from you.

2. Motion Sensor – Detect motion If anyone moves around the house, Nest Cam will detect it and send you an alert. So you can stay informed no matter where you are or who’s around. If people arrive home unexpectedly, they won’t even know they’ve been caught on camera until they turn on their TV or computer.

3. Locate – Find your device Locate helps you find your Nest Cam wherever you put it. So you’ll always know exactly where it is. No searching for misplaced devices, either. Just tap on the screen once, and Locate will tell you exactly where it is.

4. See More – View live video remotely See More lets you view live footage directly on your mobile phone or tablet. So you can keep tabs on family, pets, and your property anytime, anywhere. And with Google Assistant built right in, you can also ask questions and control your Nest Cam remotely using just your voice.

5. Alarm – Send alerts right away Forget waiting for the morning paper or checking the news online. Set a schedule for daily or weekly reminders to check in on your home. Or let us do the work for you. When the alarm sounds, we’ll send you a notification letting you know something’s happened.

6. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection – Protect your home Smoke & CO detection means you’ll never have to wonder if you should call 9-1-1 again. If smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, a text message or email will immediately go to emergency contacts.

7. Temperature Monitor – Know when the temperature hits dangerous levels Your Nest Cam uses two temperature sensors to measure heat inside your home. That way, if temperatures rise above safety limits, we’ll warn you before it gets too hot and trigger an automated cooling system.

Why Need Nest Aware?

Nest Aware is a great tool that helps measure how much time you spend indoors versus outside. You simply need to input your time spent inside and out daily and Nest Aware will calculate just how many minutes you are spending indoors. In addition, when you set it to record, Nest Aware automatically records the temperature of your home and room. Once you have recorded your times, Nest Aware smart thermostat will adjust its heating/cooling settings to conserve energy while making sure you keep comfortable temperatures throughout the day.

Nest Aware is essential if you are looking forward to set up your own home cannabis garden.

If any of these devices fail, then Nest Aware notifies you about them via its app. It is now possible to track your greenhouse temperature using Nest Aware. You can use the tool to find out how much money you have spent heating your whole house for the past month. It can provide information about air quality and carbon dioxide levels. Nest Aware is also capable of monitoring the weather conditions outside. Users can get real-time alerts when it rains heavily. If you want to know about your smart home security, Nest Aware can tell you whether your home alarm system is working correctly.

The app also keeps tabs on your smoke detectors. You can see the number of false alarms that they have registered. In case you live alone, you can get an alert whenever someone rings your doorbell. Nest Aware can help you keep track of your lawn mower and snow blower usage. You can remotely start or stop your mower and snow blowers before you leave your property. These features are just some of the many ways that Nest Aware helps you manage your home.


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