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Nvidia will fail to meet the supply-demand of RTX 3000 GPUs for the next few months

Nvidia’s RTX 3000 GPUs have been launched in the market, and the demand for these cards seems to be increasing day by day. But for those looking to purchase these cards have been hit with sad news. Unfortunately, the GPU supply from Nvidia will continue to be extremely low. Sources claim that it will not be able to meet the demand for the coming months.

The news was brought during the Quarter three financial report conference call by Nvidia’s CFO Colette Kress. While blaming it on the constraints in the supply chains, he stated, “Given industry-wide capacity constraints and long cycle times, it may take a few more months for product availability to catch up with demand.”

Earlier, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang stated that the supply would surely not meet demand by the end of 2020. But now, it appears that the problems could persist well into 2021. The shortages will most likely linger until the end of 2021 if any medicine didn’t subside the infection rates. Analyst claims that authorities across the world are expecting a third infection wave in early 2021. So, the demand for the cards might only catch up by Q2 2021.

Nvidia earlier reported 37% Year on Year and QoQ growth amounting to $2.27 billion from the gaming segment. But the figures do not include RTX 3000 sales, and AIB cards only started trickling in early October. However, it seems that Nvidia is not only the only industry struggling with this problem. AMD is also suffering from fewer supply problems.


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