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The OLA electric scooter was created based on research that has shown us how much people love commuting for the sake of convenience. Our goal at OLA is to make transportation more accessible, faster, and less expensive than ever. We’ve done this by building an intelligent scooter that uses data-driven technology and modern design that makes travel simpler, safer, and more enjoyable.

How does the OLA work?

The OLA scooter works just like any other dockless e-scooter, but with some key differences. Unlike traditional e-scooters, the OLA doesn’t require an expensive charging infrastructure or special docking stations. An onboard battery charges over time while riding, without needing to stop and plug in. A single charge can last for hours of use, while a full charge lasts about 8 miles. After the battery runs out, simply lock it back onto any OLA station and continue using it.

Why buy OLA Electric Scooter?

  • Maximum speed 90km/h
  • Max range 160km
  • Battery size 48V 4Ah lithium battery
  • Weight 80kg
  • Speed control system Dual motor drive unit (DMU) + Brushless DC Motor Control Unit (BCMU), two independent microcontroller boards, each board controls one DMU independently; they work together to achieve the total function of vehicle control;
  • Two wheels, rear wheel drove, front wheel free, steering mechanism with angle detection sensor, and distance sensing sensor on both sides of the wheel rim to avoid collision to the road surface;
  • Steering angle adjustable: -10 degrees to 90 degrees;
  • Wheel diameter: 16cm
  • Ground clearance: 30mm

OLA Electric Scooter Features

Rechargeable Battery Pack Of OLA Electric Scooter

The lithium-ion battery pack of the scooter consists of eight cells connected together. Each cell contains four pieces of positive and negative electrodes, which are separated by a separator. When fully charged, the battery can provide a current ranging between 8.8 amps and 9.1 amps. There are three levels of charge and discharge cycles. These are Level 1 (9 hours), level 2 (60 minutes), and level 3 (30 minutes).

Ola Electric Scooter Battery

The base model weighs around 16 pounds, packs a 300Wh capacity battery, and provides a range of up to 20 miles. A larger version of the scooter, weighing 19 pounds, provides 500WH and can travel up to 25 miles. Both versions have a top speed of 15mph. The scooter has a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs and includes front and rear suspension. The motor produces a power output of 5 horsepower.

Charging Times Of OLA Electric Scooter

Once fully charged, the OLA can take about 90 minutes to completely recharge. To extend the charging time, the battery’s temperature should always remain below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Design Of OLA Electric Scooter

The design includes LED lighting strips along its sides for night riding. The handlebar is adjustable, while the seat is tillable. The scooter can accommodate riders weighing up to 200lbs. The scooter has an anti-theft device, a trip meter, and a horn alarm.

Safety Features Of OLA Electric scooter

Safety is paramount to the users of the scooter. In fact, the Ola Electric Scooter uses anti-lock brakes to prevent accidental falls. Furthermore, the vehicle has reverse gear, a brake pedal, and foot pegs. The scooter also comes equipped with a handbrake and a kickstand.

OLA Electric Scooter Models Comparison

Currently, OLA has two variants of scooters. First is OLA S1 & second is OLA S1 PRO. Now we will compare both these modules. You can see the following features below of both these scooters models:

ModelOLA S1OLA S1 Pro
Speed90 km/h116 km/h
Range121 km181 km
Acceleration3.6 seconds3 seconds
ModesNormal, SportsNormal, Sports, Hyper
Peak Motor Power8.5 kW8.5 kW
Average Price1 Lakh1 Lakh, 40 thousand

There is not much difference in features, but the price has a huge difference. You can choose many color variants in OLA S1 Pro, but OLA S1 comes with three or four colors. If you are looking for an electric scooter, then you can select one of them according to your budget.

OLA Electric Scooter Price In INDIA

These days, demand for electric scooters is increasing because it is cost-efficient and easy to use. OLA is one of the best electric scooter manufacturing companies in India. It provides two variants of electric scooters, and they have different prices in different cities of India. Now we will discuss what is the price of electric scooters in the different cities of India. You can see a table below where you can check the price of OLA S1 and OLA S1 Pro in every City:

STATESOLA S1 Price OLA S1 Pro Price
Other States100k140k

How to book OLA Electric Scooter?

If you want to buy an OLA electric scooter online, then you have to follow some steps:

Go to OLA’s official website,

Here you have to select your favorite color that you want to buy.

Now you have to select your PIN code where you need the delivery.

Read out their all Terms & Conditions. If you agree, then click on the “Continue” button.

Now you need to register here.

After completing registration complete payment online and if you get COD then you can continue with it.

OLA Electric Scooter Pros & Cons

Low CostShort Battery Life
Cheaper Maintenance CostLess Power & Speed as compared to a bike
No Gas InvolvedSlow Acceleration
Easier to RideMade for Short Distance Ride


How to charge an OLA e-scooter?

You can charge an OLA e-scooter by plugging it into any standard outlet. You don’t need special equipment to do this. There are many types of outlets out there, including ones that are built into your wall. If you’re not sure where to put your charger, check your owner’s manual.

Where to buy an OLA e-Scooter?

There are several places to buy an OLA electric scooter. You can go to a store and purchase one. Or, if you’d rather shop online, you can visit their official sites.

How fast can I go on an OLA e-Scooter?

Most models of OLA electric scooters can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. That means you’ll be able to travel quite a distance on one of these scooters.

Can I use my phone while riding an OLA e-Scooter?

Yes! Most models of OLA electric motorbikes allow you to use your phone while riding. Just make sure you keep your hands on the handlebars at all times.

How do I know if my Ola Electric Scooter is compatible with my charger?

The Ola Electric Scooters have a unique charging port on the bottom of the scooter. If your charger does not have this port, then it is not compatible.

Is it safe to ride my Ola Electric Scooter on public roads?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to ride your scooter on public roads.


In this article, we have discussed a lot of things about the OLA electric scooter like price, pros & cons, and How to buy an online OLA electric scooter?. Ola electric scooters are a type of transportation device that uses battery-powered motors to move along its own axis. If you like the information given above, then share it with your family & friends. I hope you enjoyed our OLA Electric Scooter Review.

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