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OnePlus Band vs Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5: Which one to buy?

OnePlus has focused most of its efforts towards the affordable end of the spectrum throughout last year for its smartphones. Starting 2021, it is willing to do that for wearables. The OnePlus Band costs Rs 2,499, which is surprisingly the same as our current favorite in the segment, i.e. the Mi Smart Band 5. I have had some time with the OnePlus Band and it surely looks appealing, at least based on a day spent wearing it. Also Read – Today’s Tech News: OnePlus Band launched, Samsung Galaxy S20 price cut

Tech nerds may point that the OnePlus Band is basically an Oppo Band that wears OnePlus logo. Unless you have issues with rebranded products, the OnePlus Band seems nice with all its fitness tracking functions as well as tastefully designed watch faces. But so does the Mi Smart Band 5, which had already impressed us wearable loving folks last year. You can have a look at our review. Also Read – OnePlus Band first look

Hence, if you are in the market for a new affordable fitness tracker and you circle on these two bands, which is the one to pick? To ease up your decision-making process, I will state five reasons for either of these bands as to why you should buy it. Also Read – OnePlus Band first impressions: A decent first attempt

OnePlus Band: 5 reasons to consider the new kid

OnePlus Band

OnePlus Band

-Wearables are all about adding to your personality and the OnePlus Band does it in abundance. Even in its black shade, the OnePlus Band with its character lines and tasteful curves compliments all genders in most casual attires.

-Fitness enthusiasts obsessed with SpO2 readings could find the OnePlus Band helpful. The readings are comparable to most premium smartwatches. The Mi Smart Band 5 still lacks the feature.

-Apart from SpO2 readings, the OnePlus Band also does basic fitness tracking. You can keep a tab on your steps, your daily jogging stats, and more. There’s a heart rate as well as a sleep monitor onboard, if you care.

-For those seeking smart wearable functions, the Band shows app and call notifications, control on-device camera, controlling music playback on your phone, and more.

-If you are already a part of the OnePlus ecosystem, investing in the OnePlus Band makes more sense. In the future, OnePlus could offer better integration with Oxygen OS, thereby improving the end experience.

Mi Smart Band 5: Why to pick the Xiaomi option

Mi Smart Band 5, xiaomi, mi band 5,

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

-The Mi Smart Band 5 may not win any beauty pageant like the OnePlus Band but you can be assured of a very robust build quality that’s tried-and-tested. The new magnetic charging mechanism is of massive help to preserve the life of the strap.

-Unlike the OnePlus Band, the Mi Smart Band 5 is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones The Mi Fit app offers a very comprehensive look at your health stats and offers umpteen options to set it your way.

-The Mi Smart Band 5 is feature-rich by all standards. The UI is easier to live with while customization options are endless. If you love to change your watch face every day, there’s something tasteful always available in the Mi Fit app store. You can even find animated faces too.

-The Mi Smart Band 5 lacks SpO2 monitoring but it offers menstrual cycle tracking, which could please female users. There are 11 sports mode that also includes a new yoga mode as well. Additionally, there’s a Personal Activity Intelligence tracking system that awards scores based on your fitness regime throughout the day. We tried it out and it goes a long way to encourage more workouts.

-This one actually lasts two weeks with all the tracking modes switched on, which is something that can’t be said of the OnePlus Band at the moment (initial impressions point at sub-par battery life). With certain modes turned off, I was able to extract close to 20 days of usage.

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