Pandharpur By Poll | Nidnuka bhovalya … 3 thousand 228 corona victims in Pandharpur

As the corona outbreak spread rapidly, the Pandharpur Assembly by-election campaign and voting took place. For this election, the ruling party and the opposition have formed a strong front. But the results are now visible. In March, 855 corona were found infected in Pandharpur. Now the same number has reached 3 thousand 228 in the month of April.

After the untimely demise of Pandharpur MLA Bharat Bhalke, the by-election in Pandharpur was held on April 17. Between April 1 and April 17, Mahavikas Aghadi and BJP leaders staged campaign rallies at Pandharpur Mangalvedha. Thousands of people were seen participating in the approval of the 200-member assembly. The results are now visible.

In Pandharpur Mangalvedha, Corona cried out. In Pandharpur, 855 patients were found in the month of March and now till April 22, 3,228 fully infected patients have been registered. The situation on Mars was no different, with 168 coronavirus patients found on Mars in March. Now, in the 20 days of April, 1,671 coronavirus patients were registered.

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