Realme GT2 announces Explorer Master is arriving on July 23 #realmeGT2Pro

As Realme has tried to smash sales milestone after achievement (it is the fastest-growing smartphone maker worldwide) it has been trying to climb up the cost ladder. Its Realme GT was the flagbearer of the company in 2012 and was an outstanding device. Realme has decided to go up a notch and launch it’s GT 2 Pro. Although catering for the high segment was an easy choice however, it means the Realme will need to fight away the well-known players. We’ve had an experience with the Realme GT 2 Pro for several months and have been able to test it during the evo India review cycle. We have a few thoughts.

The specs sheet will inform users that Realme GT 2 Pro gets all the basic features you’d expect from an elite device. With the Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 Processor , and boasting as much as 12GB of RAM the GT 2 Pro feels effortless. It can handle long gaming sessions with ease, without throttling or overheating. This GT 2 Pro has a luxurious feel that is difficult to pinpoint. This model’s Paper White and Paper Green colorways feature a textured bio-polymer material on the back , while the rounded edges are accented with the trim of metal that runs all across the edge. 

It stands out from other metal and glass flagships and has the benefit of being fingerprint and scratch resistant. Its 6.7-inch screen with QHD+ and 120Hz performs work on the phone, as well. It is one of the most impressive in the price range. It’s bright enough to be used outdoors, and is outstanding in color accuracy. In contrast to many other models this GT 2 Pro has a flat screen and is equipped complete with Gorilla Glass Victus protection. The stereo speakers also get high-quality and are loud enough and possess the slightest hint of bass. They also round out it out as the GT 2 Pro as a excellent media player.

Realme has made a couple of surprising choices when it comes to camera hardware. In lieu of the telephoto lens it’s gone with an optical microscope. The sensor used is the Sony IMX766 which can be found on devices like the OnePlus 9RT. The reality is that the Realme has made a huge improvement in the processing. The dynamic range and sharpness are outstanding, while low-light images also sparkle with lots of detail. The ultrawide sensor does an excellent job. The results are consistent, even though they aren’t the same sharp as those of sensors on the primary sensor. Also, there’s the microscope camera , which is defaulted to 20x. You can go as far as zooming in as 40x. I’m not convinced that the majority of people will actually use for it. In the realm of video, you can record at 4K/60fps in a great deal of detail.


The battery’s life is fantastic and we sailed over the course of the day with energy to spare. Although the charging speed of 65W may not sound as much, particularly with the variety of options available to offer significant speed increases. 

However, the Realme GT 2 Pro does go from 0-100 in less than a quarter of an hour, which is quite fast. At this price it all is determined by the choices that a brand makes as well. Realme appears to have made the right ones by launching their GT 2 Pro, a good choice if you’re considering the flagship segment that is essentially entry-level.

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