Rugged Tablets: Our Top Picks for Field Service Businesses

Most of you have already heard of rugged tablets. To those of you who are unaware of the term, rugged tablets are devices built to use in extreme conditions. Generally, online gamers or companies with field service operations use rugged tablets. These tablets withstand rigorous use, extreme temperature, and casual drops, which allow users to focus on the task instead of worrying about the device.

Today, there are many types of rugged tablets available on the market. As most of the rugged tablet manufacturers cater to the specific requirements of the field service businesses, chances are you might not have ever come across the top brands in this domain. 

It is for this reason, many field service businesses make the mistake of using consumer-grade mobile devices for their operations. This results in regrets that come along with bad performance, poor service to your customers, low efficiency and of course financial losses. To not let any of those mistakes throw you off track, we have created a list of top rugged tablets suitable for businesses with field service operations. 

Here goes the list!

1.Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO

This ultra-rugged tablet is Google ARCore certified. Having this certification means it has in-built capabilities for motion tracking, light estimation, and environment understanding. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO can endure tough working conditions such as extreme heat or cold weather. It can also withstand a fall from 6m and water submersion for 30 minutes. Also, it is resistant to shock and dust. 

Although Samsung is popular for consumer grade mobile devices, it has successfully proven its mettle in the rugged tablet domain with Galaxy Tab. It combines the seamless experience of a consumer grade mobile and endurance of a rugged tablet. Let us look at the key features along with the technical specifications of the product:

  • Android 9 Pie operating system
  • 2 GHz, Octa-Core Processor 
  • 7600 mAh battery capacity
  • Dust and water resistant 
  • Military standard compliance 
  • Monitor with single cable for laptop like experience   

This product is an absolute delight for field service technicians working at tough terrains, especially from solar, wind, and oil and gas industries. 

2.Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

It would not be wrong to say that Panasonic laid the foundation for many consumer grade mobile device manufacturers to build rugged tablets. Panasonic first launched this tablet in 2013 and it is still used in the field service industry, however, only by authorized distributors. As the name suggests, this toughpad contains all the features essential for field service workers to work at difficult terrains. Besides, it is thin, lightweight, and fully rugged that does not add any extra burden on mobile field workers.   

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 can withstand knocks, bumps, breaks, and falls during work. Moreover, this purpose-built mobile device is ideal to operate in extreme environments such as intense heat, freezing cold, heavy rain, or blazing sunlight. Below are the top features that makes it ideal for the field workers in the industries such as public service, forestry, and manufacturing:

  • Windows 10 pro operating systems
  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ Processor
  • Fully rugged, certified to use in hazardous environments
  • Integrated thermal camera and bridge battery
  • Waterproof, 10-point gloved multi-touch
  • Daylight readable display 

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 is a smart choice for your mobile field workers if they operate from tough maintenance sites. Besides, it comes with a number of accessories to help your team easily manage the device during complex tasks. 

3.Getac ZX70

Getac ZX70 is a fully rugged tablet exclusively designed for field service technicians. The device consists of all the features and accessories to enable field workers access key information and communicate with back-office staff from remote locations. 

The drop and spill proof tablet is available in a lightweight frame with just the right size to let your team carry it with ease. Its performance and durability are guaranteed with IP67 certification for water and dust resistance. Along with that, other promising features and specifications of Getac ZX70 are:

  • Android™ 10.0 operating system
  • Qualcomm® Adreno™ 512 GPU processor
  • Sunlight readable display technology
  • Vibration & 6 feet (1.8m) drop resistant
  • Quick collection and processing of data
  • Highly ergonomic structure 

Getac offers a range of field service tablets that you can download from here. Each of its tablets contain rugged features, which help field service technicians to complete their job on time and with high accuracy. 

4. Cat S62 Pro

Your search for rugged tablets may end here. The Cat series of field service rugged tablets have power-packed features to help your technicians stay connected with the team from remote locations. As the company is into purpose-built rugged tablet manufacturing, you would easily get a product of your choice and business requirements.     

Cat work phones are mainly known for their thermal imaging capabilities that provide exclusive thermal detail of an object. It allows the field service team to detect the elevated temperature which is helpful in locating damp, leaks, electrical short, and blockages. Another exclusive feature of its imaging capabilities is its highest resolution FLIR lepton. It is a professional grade sensor that increases the resolution by 4 times. Further, let us take a detailed look at its features: 

  • Android 10 operating system
  • 2.0GHz octa-core processor 
  • Sand, dirt, and dust resistant
  • toughened scratch-resistant
  • Thermal imaging for better clarity and context
  • Up to 2 days of battery life in general use

This is the smartphone you have always wanted for your field service team. But before you get one for them, the field service management software you are using for operations is compatible with the phone.

5. XBOOK L10

This rugged tablet from Zebra is another feather on the cap of the field service tablets. It has every feature that makes it easier for your technicians to manage their job with ease and accuracy. Besides, the company is fully dedicated to rugged tablet manufacturing. You name a feature to have for your field service team and they would have it.  

It is a versatile tablet that is available in a variety of configurations to make field based computing more efficient. Likewise, it allows the smartphone to quickly process the data in order to share the information with the back-office staff. Here are a few features of XBOOK L10 that would provide you an overview of the product. 

  • Windows 10 Pro operating system
  • 8th Gen. Intel Core i7 vPro
  • Glove and wet touch
  • Sunlight and night vision display
  • Resistance to dust, dirt, sand, and water submersion up to 30 minutes

This product is highly suitable for industries such as transportation, manufacturing, field mobility, and warehouse management.  

The Final Thoughts

The field service industry is growing at a fast pace. Mobile device manufacturers have foreseen this growth and have begun developing products specific to their requirements. As a result, you could see a range of rugged tablets with advanced features and robust structure, ideal for technicians working in extreme conditions. 

About Author: Suyash is a customer experience manager at FieldCircle, a field service technology company. A writer by heart, he loves to spread the word around how customers interact with business across channels and the role of next-generation technology in customer experience and business success.

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