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Shameful Act At Google | Open letter to Sundar Pichai of more than 500 employees

More than 500 employees of tech giant Google have written an open letter to Alphabet Inc. and Google CEO Sundar Pichai demanding an end to the abuse. The letter also called for a non-abusive environment for all employees. The letter was written by employees following a comment in the New York Times by Emi Nietfeld, a former Google engineer.

Amin wrote, ‘The person who was harassing me was sitting next to me. My manager said that HR can’t even replace it. So why work from home or go on vacation. ” The letter, released late Friday night, said, “This is a long pattern, where the perpetrator is protected rather than the victim.” The person reporting the harassment is forced to endure it and usually has to leave the company. At the same time, anyone who hurts him is rewarded for his behavior. “

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