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Sony PS5 pre-orders go live: 5 points to note before you buy

PS5 fans in India have long waited to see their dream console go on sale and today is the day it is finally happening. Sony will float pre-orders for the first batch of PS5 units in India ever since its global release back in November 2020. The PS5 promises lots of upgrades and enhancements over the PS4 generation consoles, tagging along new titles designed primarily to take advantage of the new hardware. Also Read – Iconic VAIO laptops to make a comeback: Everything we know about it

Sony has two variants of the PlayStation 5 on the shelves at different prices. There’s the standard PS5 with a Blu-ray disc player that will set you back by Rs 49,990. For those who want to go all-digital, there’s a much cheaper PS5 Digital Edition that costs Rs 39,990 only. Both the variants come in only a single color variant and with a single DualSense controller in the box. Sony hasn’t mentioned which variants will be up for grabs but rumors suggest you can initially only order the more expensive version. Also Read – Sony PS4, PS4 Pro production ending, hints Japanese retailer

If you plan on securing a PS5 unit for yourself in today’s pre-order event, there are a couple of points we think you should keep in mind. After all, choosing the right console is important and more so in the case of the PS5, whose deliveries may arrive in a month from now. Also Read – Wait for Sony PS5 or grab an Xbox Series S/Series X? Here are some pointers

Sony PS5: Five basic points to consider before buying

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-Sony has two versions of the Playstation 5 to sell but it is the Digital Edition that makes the most sense. This variant lacks the Blu-ray player that you may need for playing older PS4 titles, provided you purchased the physical copies. If you buy your games online, the Digital Edition makes sense as you lose the extra Rs 10,000 from the price. The console comes with 1TB of onboard space, which could be just enough for most gamers.

-The DualSense controller has amassed a lot of hype owing to its superior haptic feedback. Those who already have the PS5 internationally consider the new controller as the gold standard in haptic feedback. However, only a few titles take full advantage of the improved haptic feedback system currently. Additionally, do note that it still retains the rechargeable batteries.

-Regardless of the variant, Sony offers the most up-to-date internals in the PS5. With the new AMD CPU and the custom GPU, the console is as capable as a midrange gaming PC, complete with ray tracing and 8K gaming. Moreover, with the new SSD storage, you can expect faster game loading times and improved performance.

-The PS5 brings with it an ecosystem of accessories to enhance the gaming experience. Sony makes several accessories such as the Pulse 3D Wireless headset, Media remote controller, HD camera, and the DualSense charging station. Next to it, the Xbox universe feels spartan in terms of first-party accessories.

-Lastly, it is the Xbox consoles that do come across as viable alternatives to the PS5. The Xbox Series X costs the same as the PS5 and offers some extras in terms of the user experience. Quick Resume is a feature you cannot live without once you taste it. Additionally, the Xbox Series S at Rs 34,990 is cheaper by Rs 5,000 when compared to the PS5 Digital Edition and despite its lower capabilities, it is still the better bet.

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