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Taiwan giant MediaTek spends $85 million to get Intel’s Enpirion Power Solutions business

MediaTek is a prominent name in the chip industry as it’s a leader in making smartphone SoCs, modems, TV chips, IoT, and a lot more. The Taiwanese SoC giant has made some good revenue figures in 2020 despite the pandemic, thanks to 5G innovations and new Dimensity 5G SoCs.

So, it seems MediaTek is now spending money to acquire one of Intel’s many businesses, i.e., Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions. For that, the company has shelled out almost 2.4 billion yuan (around $85 million) through its subsidiary Richtek.

There’s nothing official about the timeline of this deal, however, the company expects the deal to be done by the end of this year if all the relevant documents and legal proceedings are cleared.

If you are unaware of what Intel’s Enpirion Power Solutions business used to do, then you should know that it dealt with high frequency, high-efficiency power management devices for FPGAs, SoCs, CPUs, ASICs, and other semiconductor devices. These robust, easy-to-use products meet your most stringent power requirements – all in a small footprint.

Obviously, this helps a lot in making power-efficient chips, and MediaTek aims to power laptops too in the coming days, making such a move makes much more sense. The Intel® Enpirion® Power System-on-Chip (PowerSoC) modules are DC-DC Step-Down Converters that integrate nearly all the components needed to build a power supply without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

MediaTek uses its ICs and chips to deliver a robust 5G network as well, so with this acquisition, MediaTek will be aiming to provide more complete solutions for 5G base stations. Also, it can use Intel’s tech to develop its server ASIC business, reportedly obtained orders from Google to integrate the Intel Enpirion product line.

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