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The Best Mobile Apps By Category

When mobile apps first launched they were very simple. Some were specifically for function, like conversion apps that allowed you to quickly change meters to feet or pounds to kilograms. Others were for entertainment like simplistic games that utilized pixel graphics. Today, mobile apps are incredibly powerful and can ultimately enhance your lifestyle. 

Of course, for every problem today there are numerous solutions and in every app category there are multiple top choices. If you are in need of a security app for your smartphone, you have no shortage of options to choose from. That being said, here are some of the top ranking apps by category. 


Google Chrome

Most people are familiar with Google Chrome by now as it is certainly the most popular web browser in the world for both desktop computers and smartphones. Chrome is especially useful because it can be integrated with add-ons that increase its functionality. Billions of people choose google chrome for its fast web browsing capabilities.  

Brave Privacy Browser

There are numerous other internet browser apps but the Brave Privacy Browser is a unique one that is quickly picking up fans. As the name implies, it is privacy focused and includes built-in advertisement and pop-up blockers. It’s also exceptionally lightweight, meaning it wont hog all of your phone’s RAM or take up too much space. 



DraftKings is the leader in daily fantasy sports as well as one of the most popular sports betting platforms in the US. It has a legion of dedicated fans thanks to years of free fantasy sports contests and generous free bets and other promotions. The DraftKings app is great for checking live scores and odds and it is used by millions of people worldwide. 


For sports fans that like daily articles and breaking news, theScore has proven to be a great choice. The app has tons of unique features like personalized news feeds, real-time scores on the home screen, and the ability to set your favorite teams so you will always see news about them first. With so many features, it’s definitely best to have a powerful smartphone that can handle multiple tasks. You’ll find that this app has everything a sports fan could want. 



Uber laid the foundation for the new age of service-based mobile apps. DoorDash took their model and turned it into an empire that focuses on food delivery. Using their app, you can browse all of your nearby restaurants and see their menus. In 2021, DoorDash has over 18 million customers, with most being in the US. 


While other apps in this category may revolve around food and groceries delivery or home cooking, the Starbucks app is unique as it is solely for the Starbucks coffee chain. The fact that this app is so high in the download rankings is astounding. The Starbucks app is directed towards daily customers and enables them to easily pay by scanning their smartphone, and also keeps track of rewards programs. The best use for the application is placing your order directly from the app instead of waiting in line, then your order is made in a completely contactless way. 



When the original Fitbit wristlet launched it created a fitness sensation. Now there are a dozen different models that make tracking your daily fitness goals a breeze. However, the real star is the Fitbit app as it has gone way beyond what it was originally designed as. The app uses well-designed and colorful displays to show you your daily steps, track your sleep schedule, and monitor your weight goals in real time. 

Calorie Counter-My Fitness Pal

As the name implies, this app is a functional calorie counter that helps you plan your daily meals. They have been building on to this app for over a decade and it is very useful in its current form. You can quickly scan a product’s barcode and get all of the information about it. One of the best features of the app is its extensive library of nutrition information regarding groceries, restaurant entrees, and other items. 

The Best Mobile Apps By Category


Facebook Messenger

This should be no surprise at this point but the Facebook Messenger app is the most widely used communications app in the world today, in addition to being the #5 overall app in the Google Play store. This app allows for free messaging and calling directly to another user over Wi-Fi. The Facebook Messenger app is used by 1.3 billion people. 


WhatsApp is another very popular communications app that is used around the world. Surprisingly, it is also owned by the Facebook company. Whatsapp built its user base around the purpose of encrypted end-to-end messaging. Just like the Facebook Messenger app, you can call and message other app users for free. However, you do not need any account to use the app, you just link it directly to your phone number. 



As far as music streaming apps go, Pandora has been around for some time now. Over the years they have consistently added more features making this free-to-use app a big favorite. Pandora is great not only for music, but also radio stations and podcasts as well. Pandora’s signature style revolves around letting its users create their own “stations” by selecting artists they like, then hearing songs by this artist and related artists as well. 


On the other end, Spotify is all about letting users listen to exactly what they want. With Spotify, you select the artists you want to listen to as well as the songs you are interested in. Spotify also has a royalties system that pays the musicians based on how many times you listen to their songs. It has become one of the biggest mobile apps in the music streaming niche and has millions of users around the world. 



Amazon has risen to become one of the biggest marketplaces in the world so you can be assured that they have an excellent mobile app to compliment their web platform. It saves your payment and shipping data so you can purchase new items with just one click and go, no extensive checkout process. With the Amazon app, you have full accessibility to the millions of products available on their website in one small, convenient package. 


As Walmart tries to replicate Amazon’s online success, they have also released their own popular app that gives the same functionality. A big difference is that the Walmart app is tied to its in-person locations, meaning you can use the app to check if certain items are in stock before you head to the store if you prefer to shop in person. There are regular deals and promotions for consistent users, making this a favorite of shoppers everywhere.

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